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Angels, Earrings and A Pot

I bought some beautiful items while in KwaZulu Natal. I always try to find an Angel for our Christmas tree when we are on holiday and found two pretty beaded ones on a market run by a collective so each maker was selling her own creations.

Market Angels

I found earrings in each of the museums we visited, again, each was labelled with the maker’s name though the name labels were taken off so that each maker was properly rewarded for their own work.

Earrings from three different places and makers – The outside ones were from the Talana Museum shop and the middle pair were from the Rorke’s drift museum shop.

After watching the women at work weaving, we bought two of these pretty little pots  – one for us and one for our lovely neighbour who has kindly watched over our place and kept our house plants alive.

Small woven pot with lid


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KwaZulu Natal – Day 10

May 3rd 2018

This morning the whole gang did the walk to Doreen Falls, a gorgeous rainbow waterfall. Our guide had brought coffee for us all to have before our return hike.

Doreen Falls

Some folks did a demanding scramble up the mountain to see the Bushman art up there.. You can see how high they were!

Look very carefully to see the rest of the gang way up the mountain under the overhang where the Bushman art was to be found.

We spent the afternoon bird and bug watching.



A spotty bug



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KwaZulu Natal – Day 9

May 2nd 2018

We are in the Drakensburg Mountains, where my Dad was at some point in WW2. It feels a bit of a pilgrimage to be treading in his footsteps, seeing things he saw and he is in my thoughts as we take in all the grandeur.
We were up early to catch the Sunbirds collecting their nectar then after breakfast went on a walk to Belinda Falls, a pretty if a bit scrambly walk.

Sun bird

Later, after the gang had set off for their Grade 5, 5 hour walk up the mountains we went with the Leader’s wife to the Lake Jarred Overlook, another gentle and delightful walk spotting birds and flowers.

African Hoopoe

Grasshopper whose wings flash red when he flies

Beautiful remains of a Grasshopper, as yet unidentified


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KwaZulu Natal – Day 5

April 28th 2018

More safaris! More wonderful creatures and birds!

Cape Glossy Starling

Monkey watching our lunchtime picnic



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KwaZulu Natal – Day 4

Safari day! Into the big jeeps and a day of driving through Hluhluwe Safari Park.

Baby elephant

White Rhino


We have been without Wifi for many days and have been too busy anyway so watch this space as we are now where we can relax a little(been up at dawn every day and bed at sunset!) and we can catch up.


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KwaZulu Natal – Day 2

On our first full day here we woke to Nyala prancing about outside our window, spent the morning being immersed in the Zulu culture with a fabulous guide who took us first to a Primary School (where the 41 children in one class sang and danced for us. We were asked if we would sing or dance for the children. I sang Skinny Marinka for them and got a round of applause. D danced and was similarly rewarded!).  ) Thence we went to a village where we learned a great deal of fascinating information about the local way of life and their customs.

South Africa’s National Anthem which I sang along with, having learned it many years ago with The Quirky Choir

In the Zulu village

The afternoon was a long walk through the woods and alongside the water at False Bay, quite a challenge!12,500 steps on my counter, 24.000 on someone else’s!

On the trail

Yellow Billed Stork


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KwaZulu Natal – Day 1

After 24 hours of travel we have landed up in Paradise! We are in Rondavels in iMfalozi Safari Park and were greeted by giraffes as the sun was going down.

Giraffes at sunset

Wifi is very unreliable here and we are out walking most of the day. I shall try to catch up as we go along.



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Sign, Sandals and Sewing

It has been a morning of paddling pool and an afternoon of garden centre and homework, sewing and reading and for LiveWireT, a party to go to wearing her silver sandals.

Charming sign at the garden centre

Just time to sew the cat’s eyes

Party sandals

Tomorrow evening we fly to South Africa so there may not be a post.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

We came upon this community of elephants quite by chance when driving through the bush after our volunteering. We watched them for more than half an hour, playing in the water , gathering together and then leaving all together, the adults looking after the baby in their community and calling on the teenager to catch up and stop messing about.  I have always loved elephants and this half hour was such a beautiful treat. Click on any image for more detail.

For more in this challenge see here


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Special Message, Decorations and Thomas Merritt

1   Sorting the bookshelves today, this precious piece of paper fell out. It is a beautiful note given to us as we left the village of Mapoch where we had been volunteering in 2007.

Message from Thabang

Message from Thabang

2   We used to keep in touch with the village through Voluntours, getting beaded decorations to sell each Christmas to help raise funds for the village. Very sadly, we have lost both Marnie of Voluntours and Pastor Peter to cancer in the last 15 months. They were each instrumental in making our time there a success and both must be sorely missed by the village. Now we have no contact, these are my last three decorations for sale.

Beaded decorations made by the Gogos of the village

Beaded decorations made by the Gogos of the village

3   At singing tonight, we learned a new Thomas Merritt carol, in one session! It is a wonderful one with the various parts coming in at intervals and sounding like peals of bells. I’ll try to get a recording of it to add here.


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