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Together, Spring Flowers and Valentine’s Day

In the last couple of hours before the family left this morning, LiveWire T wanted to do a bit more on her embroidery.


Spring is on the way! We have Tete a Tete daffodils, Iris Reticulata and Snowdrops brightening the back garden.


Happy Valentine’s Day to all my readers. This is the 50th Valentine’s Day that the lovely Mr S and I have been together!



Peace, A New Book and More Embroidery

Yesterday we collected flat pebbles at Portreath and today LiveWire T wrote kind and loving  words on them.


This morning the family went to visit The Poldark Mine and found it fascinating. I couldn’t go as I had to go to my Pilates class which helps me stay mobile!  LiveWire J was full of information that he had learned and was very struck by the fact that boys his age had to go down the mine to work!  We feel that the time is ripe for him to be given my Dad’s, his Great Grandfather’s novel, Jeremy Visick to read. He has promised to look after it and to tell me how he gets on with it.


LiveWire T has continued to work on her free embroidery and is taking great care with each stitch. This is our last day with them so we will need to finish it off early tomorrow morning before they leave at 9.30.



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The Wedding, The Bride and Some Shoes

We had a glorious and very happy Sunday celebrating, with family, the marriage of one of our nieces.  I left my memory cards at home so had only the limited number of photos that the camera itself will record. Here then, is the beautiful Bride, a detail of her lovely dress and some of the gorgeous shoes worn by the guests.



I love pretty shoes! Here are just a few …….

…….  and a beautiful little bridesmaid taking a break.DSCN3211


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Admiration 

What a beautiful piece of work this is. It shows the names of the Great Grandmother, Aunts and Uncles of the lovely person we met last night at her B&B,  River House in Grassy Creek, North Carolina. I so admire anyone who works with such skill, love and dedication.



Lunchtime Concert, Rose Window and My Scarf

What a lovely concert in the beautiful Truro Cathedral this lunchtime!  Here is one of our songs which I hope you will enjoy. It is ‘This is My Cornwall’ by Harry Glasson and is almost our Cornish anthem! Thank you to the lovely Mr S for the recording.

We were looking down the cathedral towards the Rose window and at one point the sun came through though I didn’t catch it then as we were singing! The photo was taken as we were leaving.

The Rose window in Truro Cathedral

The Rose window in Truro Cathedral

You will have seen that we all wear black with some splashes of red for our choir performances. This scarf is my new accessory for performances. I bought it specially for the wedding of one of our members for when we sang at her wedding in December and I love it!

My special scarf

My special scarf


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Lichen, Sewing and Sally-Boots

1   I love the colours and shapes of Lichen and found this growing on our, until now, beautiful arched Cedrus Atlantica Glauca. For some reason, it has not sprouted this year. We have planted Clematis to climb up the structure but are feeling very sad that it seems to have died.



2   My sewing project is coming on. I have attached all four panels to the duvet covers and I am now embroidering little bits to lift the design and to secure the panel more effectively.  Here is the Fox. I’m wondering whether to do a bit more than the stems and his nose.

Embroidered panel

Embroidered panel – green stems and black nose.

3    I have posted another pair of Sally-boots today.

Sally-boots ready for the post

Sally-boots ready for the post


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John Harris, Tregellas Tapestries, and Seed Heads

1   We were in the Cornish Studies Library in Redruth today to see the exhibition about John Harris, Cornish Miner and Poet. It was fascinating to read about his life and his works.

John Harris

John Harris


2   When in the library, I always love looking at The Tregellas tapestries. I wrote about some of the others (there are 58 beautiful pieces in total) here. Here are three more. Click on any photo for more detail.


3   Walking back up from town, (which I did with ease today, three months on from my Total Hip Replacement – my diary can be found here), I noticed a couple of beautiful seed heads.


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