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Vegetable Garden, Family and Little Cousins

1   The beautiful Tabitha loved walking around all the paths in the vegetable garden though she had to make her way through, to her,  a jungle of broad beans and rocket.

Investigating the vegetable garden

2  While the children played on the beach, the ‘grown-ups’ had a drink in the Blue Bar!

My lovely brother and sister-in-law

3   The cousins, who have never met before, are having a whale of a time! As I write, they are in the bath together and all I can hear is lovely laughter, shrieks of delight and splashing water!

Cousins in conversation

PS To all my lovely readers, followers and commenters – I will be very busy this week and I plan to post my blog but won’t have time to read or comment on all the interesting blogs I follow. Forgive me for a week! I will be back…….


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Sisters, Brothers and a Daughter

Sisters, brothers and Mum with Pill Creek, Feock behind

1  This is my sister and my brothers with our Mum in the garden at Creek Vean, our first home in Cornwall. I was reminded of this photo after yesterday’s conversation about sisters. It was the day of her christening.

2  My older brother sent a delightful email which made me smile.

3  Lucy, our youngest daughter, has been packing all day for her adventure trekking in Nepal. She has also booked her tickets for Senegal to be at Daniel and Ami’s wedding.

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Two Cards, Fabulous ‘Christmas Leftovers Soup’ and Family Visit

1  My lovely sister in Hawaii has made a beautiful Christmas card of her turtle experience and it arrived today and I found the perfect birthday card for my very good friend, Angie, left behind in the North when we moved back home. That delightful ‘pig of happiness’ says it all.

2  For lunch today we had our fabulous ‘Christmas Leftovers Soup’- our favourite meal of the season! The stock has been simmering for two days making the most amazing broth to which I added everything leftover!

3  My sister-in-law in Atlanta, Georgia emailed to say they have their dates for their visit next year! They’re renting a cottage in St Mawes and my brother and his wife will also come over from Germany to visit at the same time. V&P from Atlanta have not been to the UK for 8 years!

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Flashmob, Brothers, Front door

1 To start today’s post which I’ll finish tonight – a video of Saturday’s flash mob. For those who don’t know what a flashmob is, here’s the Wiki definition:

A flash mob   is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place perform an unusual and sometimes seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then disperse.

2  In response to the flash mob video that I sent out to all my family, BOTH my brothers replied! That gave me enormous pleasure!

3  Veronika has finished the front door and done an excellent job.

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