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Shop Window, Chocolate Cake and A Dahlia

We’ve been in Truro this afternoon and I just love this shop window.

Charlotte’s Tea House is always our place for a treat and my goodness, was the Chocolate Fudge Cake a treat!?  We shared a piece with ice-cream and I had almost finished when I thought to take a photo for you.

Our big shaggy Dahlias seem to have survived Storm Betty. In fact, although the winds were crazy, the storm itself with thunder and lightning passed us by though other parts of Cornwall saw some dramatic skies and some lost power. .


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Storm Betty, Last Year and Thanks

We have a crazy storm coming over, such fierce winds that this year’s Tall Ships Parade of Sail  in Falmouth has been cancelled. Our garden is being hammered and I haven’t been out all day.
The following photo is from this day last year when we were very taken with the beautifully maintained hanging baskets in Truro. Truro this year is  among the finalists for City in Bloom and the baskets this year are lovely too.

Thank you to all of you who have left comments for our wonderful Granddaughter, LiveWire 3. We are so proud of how she says, “Yes, please,”  when I ask if she would like to do another Guest post and then disappears with the lap top for 20 mins or so and comes back with such a lovely piece of writing. 🙂


Hoolies in Truro

There’s been a weather warning in the South West today for a named storm, Antoni, so we had plans to stay home but we had to make a quick trip to Truro.  Here the wind was very obvious as the windmill in a planter and the flags in Victoria Square will attest to. I’m sorry you can’t see how fast the little windmill was racing round!  I was almost blown over at one point by a crazy gust that could have been 40-50mph, according to the weather men.


Truro Cathedral, Cut Flowers and A Poem

It has been grey and rainy for weeks! We went to Truro for a very early  appointment this morning, briefly shopped in the blustery rain along with many, many damp holiday makers, and returned to find the garden battered by the wind and rain – so we cut some flowers and brought them in.  The poem here by my poet friend, Kim, echoes the rest of the day and many of our preceding days. I just love the line, “rain by the skyfull.”  Thank you Kim, for letting me share this so apt poem with my readers.

‘Nothing to be Done’ by Kim Ridgeon



Salad, Poster and A Post Box Topper

I’m loving being able to make new salady dishes with food we have grown. This recipe was from BBC Good Food and is cucumber and  fennel in a sour cream and vinegar sauce. It was delicious! Our evening meal of a locally made pie  also had homegrown potato salad and homegrown leaves. Pud is another meringue filled with creme fraiche and homegrown tayberries and black currants from the garden.

I love that, despite everything going on, Ukrainians in Kyiv are having a book festival. Brilliant  poster.

A lovely friend has sent me a photo of a delightful postbox topper near her in Truro.


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Killifreth, Library and A Flag

We took a different route to Truro today and on the horizon was Killifreth, the most elegant of engine house chimneys.

This is the library, The Passmore Edwards Free Library,  where I spent many happy hours as a child and where my Dad had to ask that I have access to the ‘grown-up’ library as I had read my way through everything in the junior section!  I started with the wonderful Scarlet Pimpernel stories.

Solidarity to Ukraine in the face of more terror last night – Slava Ukraini.


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Singing in Truro Cathedral

What a fabulous event this was to be a part of!

Truro Cathedral Concert

Our wonderful audience raised £720 for our three charities. Here we are singing the wonderful last song, “We Shall Be Known” by Karisha Longaker of MaMuse.

Thank you to the lovely Mr S for the video.


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Hibernation, Frogs and More Raindrops

On our way through Truro we pass a roundabout that has three huge hedgehogs on it and I noticed the other day that they are in hibernation mode. Nearby is a post box that always has interesting crocheted/knitted toppers. However, we are always in the car when we go by and photos are impossible. Happily, we have good friends who live nearby and M has taken the photos for me. Thank you very much, M!

Overnight rain left lots of raindrops on the Grape Hyacinths.


Guest Blogger 3

LiveWire3 back again! Today I went out with LiveWire2 and my mum again! This time we mooched around Truro and we bought some proper Cornish pasties and we went to a classic sweetshop, where we bought lots and lots of sweets. On the way we saw large, beautiful monument commemorating soldiers who died in World War I and II.

To the end of our journey, we went to Waterstones; we always go here at Truro. I bought some gorgeous books with amazing covers; they were in a special section called ‘beautiful covers’ which of course lured me in. I got two classics written by Jane Austen: Sense and Sensibility [and] Emma.

We are sadly going home tomorrow then I am back to school again. Thanks to everyone for enjoying my posts and Granny’s posts!


Truro Cathedral

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