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Happiness Calendar and A Good Day Out

The lovely Mr Smith’s birthday is today so his chosen trip was to St Ives and the Tate followed by lunch at his favourite place in Penzance, Mr Billy’s.

Porthminster Beach

Very tame and photogenic Robin on our walk into town

Fenced off sink-hole on Porthminster Beach

Looking over the wall towards St Ives and Harbour Beach, tide coming in

Looking over the wall towards St Ives, tide coming in

On the way through we called in at a new gallery, The Livingstone, and I totally fell for a wonderful pair of earrings. Sadly, they were being sold with a necklace that I didn’t want (and I couldn’t afford the whole set anyway).

About Ken Spooner, the artist

I loved this van  belonging to a decorator, parked near the harbour.

Work going on at the Tate, Porthmeor Beach beyond

Tide in

It has been a very Happy birthday day –  family phone calls, cards and presents and serendipitously bumping into good friends in Tate St Ives!


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Topophilia, Apricity and A Gift

I love finding new words. There is a word for love of a place: topophilia, popularised by the geographer Yi-Fu Tuan in 1974 as all of “the human being’s affective ties with the material environment.” In other words, it is the warm feelings you get from a place. It is a vivid, emotional, and personal experience, and it leads to unexplainable affections. This is the word to describe my love of Cornwall. I grew up in Cornwall and left to become a teacher when I was 18 only returning to visit family for the next 40 years but I always needed to come home. That we did 13 years ago.

St Ives where we had our honeymoon in 1967

Apricity is another lovely word meaning something I have described several times in recent posts without having the proper word – it is the warmth of the sun in winter. I felt it again today.

I was late to the allotment this afternoon and when I arrived the lovely Mr S told me that an allotment friend had been along and brought me a beautiful piece of glass. She had had to remove it from a doorway and had thought of me and my glasswork. It is really lovely and I will enjoy getting to work with it before too long. Thank you very much S. I’ll let you know what I make with it.


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Otobong Nkanga

Last Friday we visited Tate St Ives to see two exhibitions, one the Otobong Nkanga “From Where I Stand” and the other, Tate St Ives in Colour, a magical interactive piece to play with by Peter Hudson..

Otobong Nkanga’s beautiful and enormous tapestries focus on the relationships between people and the land through our consumption of the Earth’s natural resources. It is very hard to do justice to this moving and dramatic exhibition. If you are local, please try to get there before January 5th when it closes.


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St Ives, Happy Dogs and A Robin

The tide was in when we arrived in St Ives, the sea being whipped into white horses.

St Ives – tide in

I loved the poetry pillars in Tate St Ives.

Poem in The Tate Gallery

We always love watching dogs playing on the beach. These two were racing about and I’m pleased that my photo caught their sandy splashes and their reflection.

Dogs dashing through the waves

By the time we had visited Tate St Ives and were on our way back to the train, the tide was well out.

St Ives – tide out

A very friendly Robin was sheltering from the bitter wind in the shelter on the platform as were many of those waiting for the train.

Robin by my feet in the shelter on the station



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A Day in St Ives, The Tate and A Puppy

Despite the day starting grey, we wanted to take a on the wonderful train ride to St Ives and the sun came out!



A Day Out with Very Dear Friends

Join us on our day out – to St  Ives on the train, one of the best rides ever along the Cornish coast, in St Ives, to Mounts Bay and thence to Chysauster Ancient Village, home for a break and on up to Carn Brea and home for a relaxed and happy dinner with delicious fresh Runner Beans from the garden.  Click on any photo for more detail.


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St Ives and Tonight’s Show

To whet your appetite, one photo of St Ives. I am pretty tired after tonight’s show. I’ll add photos tomorrow.

St Ives lighthouse with Godrevy behind




St Ives, Tremenheere Gardens and St Euny

What a delightful day out this as been with our friend whom we have not seen for about 30 years! It is so lovely how the years just drop away as if they have not been! Please enjoy our gallery of our trip to St Ives and then our visit to Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens. Please click on any photo for detail and the caption.

I came home to find that Anna Oliver of Fresca Marketing in Redruth had sent me the programme that she is designing for Until the Day Break and it is fabulous! I can’t show you yet but I will show you as the show starts on 18th May.


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3DM, A Present and St Ives

A little packet arrived when I was out yesterday and, somehow, by the time I had finished my meeting last night, it was overlooked. Today, what delight! I opened it up and there is the new cd by Three Daft Monkeys and we love it already!

We love the short train ride from Lelant Saltings to St Ives and that was our trip today. We love the art galleries and today, in the Porthminster Gallery, fell in love with a very special piece by Margaret Lovell. We left the gallery and then, at the same moment, turned to each other to say, “We could buy it together for our Golden Wedding present!” And so we did!  We have bought it through Own Art, a brilliant scheme where you pay off the cost over ten months with no interest. I’m not sure we can wait until August to unwrap it but as soon as we do I will show you our very beautiful piece of sculpture.

Enjoy our gallery of our afternoon in St Ives. Click on any photo for a better view.


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St Ives, Baka Beyond and Spring Bulbs

St Ives is beautiful what ever the weather or the time of day. It was raining last night but that special light that drew artists to the town was still evident.

St Ives in the rain 7pm

St Ives in the rain 7pm

Same view at night

Same view at night

Baka Beyond were wonderful – we danced all night! It was a great delight to meet up again with Ayodele Scott, the percussionist who is a friend of our son.

Baka Beyond

Baka Beyond

I have planted bulbs today, Tete à Tete and Muscari in tubs and in our beautiful Three Wise Monkeys planter, made by the very talented Jeremy Beswick. We have to wait 6 months for them to be in flower…….

Living in hope!

Living in hope!


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