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Hyacinth, Glass and A Poem

Only one of my Hyacinths has flowered properly. The others have rotted in the middle of the flower.This has happened before but in the past generally, I have been very successful with the old glasses. This blue one smells divine.

One of my Sun-catchers went to  a dear friend’s Mum for Christmas and this lovely photo of it against winter trees arrived yesterday.

A poem for you –  Blue Winter by Robert Francis


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A Wren, A Bag and Sunset

All the bird books came out this morning as all the artists at Fannie and Fox have been asked to consider making a Wren in their chosen medium for the next exhibition. Between us, Mr S and I came up with the design and so I cut, foiled and soldered. The came another challenge, how to incorporate some discarded jewellery as I do on every piece. I found a tiny black bead for the eye and the lovely Mr S suggested earring hooks for the feet. Here is my little wren which we are both delighted with. It is life size, about 9 cms.

We packed up D’s djembe yesterday and I missed the beautiful padded jacket that it has.

We went to see the sunset at the North Coast this evening but, while quite dramatic,  it wasn’t a patch on last night’s beauty.That’s Godrevy Lighthouse on the little island left of centre.



White Primroses, 2040 and Glass

Our Suffragette garden is waking up – the White Primroses are looking beautiful.We are just back from a special screening of the film 2040 in which award-winning director Damon Gameau embarks on journey to explore what the future would look like by the year 2040 if we simply embraced the best solutions already available to us to improve our planet and shifted them into the mainstream. It was, as a friend said, both galvanising and uplifting. Do see it if you can.

We are out for dinner with friends tonight and I have made a small glass gift to take, a sailing boat with a silver fish from a donated earring. 


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Angel, Soup and A Camellia

Yesterday I received a message from Dear Friends, “Now the Xmas tree is gone, I have transferred our Angel to his/her permanent home. Amazingly, the way the light is catching the crystal head has given the figure hair and eyes!” I thought you might like to see the described effect.

Before I added the stock to the Spicy Parsnip Soup, the colours and shapes pleased me. The soup was tasty too!

On my drive to Penryn to sing this morning, I saw numerous Camellias in flower. Unable to stop to take a photo, here is one from last year, so lovely to see on these grey winter mornings.


Sea Views, Art Galleries and Music

This was another day designed to drive away despondency so – sea views, art and music. There was to be earring shopping but we couldn’t find any with the wow needed in any of the galleries we visited. We visited a small and very beautiful gallery, Morvah Schoolhouse in the tiny village of Morvah in Penwith.IMG_1096

View from the cafe

The beautiful stained glass  back door in the cafe of the Schoolrooms, artist Debbie Martin


Morvah Church

Window in the church

From there we went into Penzance to browse the galleries starting at Penlee where in the garden is the charming piece by Kurt Jackson , Broccoli Juggler. Later, in the town, after lunch at Mr Billy’s, we happened upon Femmes de la Mer singing in the street – what delight!IMG_1114

Our treat in the Schoolhouse cafe was a piece of Hevva cake to share.


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Last Market, Cakes and A Coat

Today was the Christmas Market, last one of the year, and it went well.

The other stalls around were delightful – next door to me a cake stall with gorgeously decorated small cakes and some delightful biscuits, made by Pink Peach Cake Co.

‘Love Betty’ was across the way and a lovely young woman, a student at Falmouth University, bought a coat that suited her so very well.

‘Love Betty, Reloved to beloved upcycled fashion’


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The Sea, Logs and Glasses

We love the winter when all the leaves have gone off the trees and we can again see the sea from our bedroom window.

As we drove into the drive to visit friends today, there was this beautifully neat wood pile.

Our friends showed us some beautiful old glasses with a flower at the bottom. The effect of the cut glass makes a kaleidoscope effect which is absolutely lovely.

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