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Watering, Gardens and The Lane

We are walking down to the allotment every evening to water everything with watering cans as there is still a hosepipe ban in Cornwall. As we walk home, we pass some pretty gardens and a lane full of wild flowers. I’ve shown you the lovely roses, the Laburnum and the Echiums recently that we walk by. Today there are also glorious red Poppies and in the lane Foxgloves and Valerian.


Clematis, First Crop and Rook

Clematis florida sieboldii

First new potatoes from the allotment

Weighing down the top of the Amanagowa Cherry tree



Guest blogger once again!

Hello everybody! It’s LiveWire3, again, and today, we found lots of things. However, the first thing we did was visit Porthtowan to have some very filling brunch in the Blue bar. Granny got some delicious avocado toast. Most of us had avocado toast so the table was full of green!

Afterwards, we went for a short yet satisfying walk around the beach. We stood there for a bit looking at the waves as they splashed onto our smiley faces.

While we were walking back, we noticed clusters of snails lying contently on the leaves. Some of them carried sand with them which gave the bushes some texture. We also noticed that on the fence, there were signs about peaceful protests from history. There was a pop of purple, so we looked closer and it was about the suffragettes. My Great, Great, Great Grandmother was a suffragette so this was very special.


A few hours later, we decided to go to Community Roots to go and get a tour and as I was walking looking at the acre of vegetables, I found a four leafed clover! They are extremely rare and these clovers had a special white border and their leaves were much bigger than any other leaves I have seen!

Near what we thought was the end of the tour, one of the staff told us their was a market full of things people have made and small companies so we had an excuse to stay! The market was amazing, full of colourful and ‘beautful things’. We found an ice cream van with a twist! All the ice cream was plant based so my partly lactose intolerant soul told me to ‘Go and get some ice cream!’ So we did and found these crotchet ice creams hanging over us!

When we got back home we had to rest from a very successful day but then Granny had the idea to go for an evening allotment visit where we replanted some fennel we got gifted from Community roots. It looked very happy in its new home!


Guest Blogger back again!

I am back! This is my first full day in Cornwall as we got back yesterday at 10 pm! In the morning we went to visit the allotment to replant a tiny tomato plant, protect the growing vegetables and scatter some seeds to create a flower bed!

We found some beautiful flowers in other people’s allotments. Their colours made it finally feel like spring – I missed those bursts of colour and patterns so it was great to see some dancing in the sun!

Later on, we had some delicious, classic, fish and chips. I noticed the gorgeously artistic napkin holders made out of different coloured beads which is something I hadn’t seen before but I thought it was really cool and now I think I’m going to have to find some of my own. Although I think they’re one of a kind!

Some of the fine beadwork made by the women in Mapoch, S Africa, where we did our volunteering in 2006


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Pumpkins, Soup and Narcissi

Last November, we had harvested several squash and pumpkins from our allotment and today I used the last of them, the biggest green one, now ripe and orange, from the back left of the photo.

I made 6 pints of fabulous Thai Pumpkin Soup, froze 5 and we had some for lunch with a drizzle of Basil Cream.

The Narcissi that we have in this week are very delicate and pretty.


Trug, Bee and Worms

I loaded the trug with the seed potatoes and the shallots for planting at the allotment today.

On my way down there I heard a bee being very busy and found it on a bright golden dandelion.

The compost we took from our garden to improve the soil was alive with worms, much to our delight.



Soup, Pink and A Border

There was an hour or so this morning before it rained so we went down to the lottie to do some work and pull some leeks which I then made into a delicious Leek and Bean soup for lunch. The chives are from my edible garden trough.

Homegrown leeks in a delicious soup

Our narrow border is full of little bulbs, some of which I can’t identify. (Over to Jude!)

Present from Sharon many years ago.

The border outside the kitchen is full of Tete a Tete, Muscari and Anemone Blanda.

Photo taken through the kitchen window


A Painting, A Poem and A Border

Poetry for Ukraine
Artwork is by Ukrainian artist Anastasia. Her work can be found in her Etsy shop called AyToysArt.

I have been given permission to share both the remarkable poem and the beautiful and moving artwork with you.

Poetry for Ukraine

A powerfully beautiful poem from on the ground: John Gordon Sennett is from the Jersey Shore and lives in Ukraine with his wife, Natasha and dog, Philly Cheesesteak.
Night in Chernivtsi
Street lights no longer shine on the backstreets of Chernivtsi
Stars twinkle in and out above the low ridge of a distant mountain
Random apartments give the blue light glow of TV from their windows
One dog barks, another one starts and soon after a cacophony of howls
Silver moonlight, shines off the shiny new rooftop across the street
The smoke of the cigar rises and fades lingering for only moments
Ukrainian cognac coats the lips, mingles with the cigar taste
Then mixes with it and brings out one of life’s simple treasures
And they are dancing in the streets now in liberated Kherson
Peace for now but all here know that it will not yet be a lasting one
We celebrate anyway, we go on, we fight, we write, we do what we have to
Defeat does not exist in our reality and neither does the offer of surrender
Who is foolish enough to negotiate with the devil?
Or even to speak with him as if he is a civilized being?
No, the troops of ours will roll on until he leaves this bountiful land
We will roll on doing the work it takes to win this awful, unfair war
Shevchenko on his hill will stand and salute all those who continue the fight
All the greats of Ukraine who told us that it was so will rise from the ashes
And dance when the victory of Ukraine finally comes and wraps us within
Our souls and spirits know it, feel it, smell it and taste it
Our bodies may be worn, hungry, tired, abused, injured and broken
But it is within that counts and together, we all know that
So we will light our candles in our churches and pray before icons
Some of us will fast for the coming Nativity season and St. Nicholas Day
We are used to giving up things so others may fight, may win and may continue
United no matter what our race, creed or identity in the battle with evil
All of us will stand against it in our own way, raise whatever weapons we may have at our disposal
We strike down that evil that has come from the ugly east
With pen, with sword, with voice, with guns, artillery and drones
Stand with us if you believe in freedom is all that we ask

There was work to do at the allotment this afternoon, just general tidying up ready for the start of the planting and sowing season. Our Tete a Tete border is lovely and bright.


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New Beds, Tiny Flowers and A Good Read

We worked with others at the allotment this morning to put top soil and compost into the raised beds.  They look good and are now ready for planting.

On our patch the Tete a Tete are just beginning to show through, always a moment of joy.

I have just finished a cracking good tale by an author I only recently discovered, Kate Rhodes.  It is set in the Isles of Scilly and is utterly engrossing, with well drawn characters and such a sense of place. It’s called Ruin Beach and has been unputdownable!


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Peace, Cinder Toffee and A Bonfire

I added a white Peace poppy to the Redruth Welly Dogs today.

I made cinder toffee for the bonfire party at the allotment this evening (and Spiced Carrot Cake)

After our bonfire, shared delicious Lottie Soup and various other delectables, we watched the firework display happening down in the town.



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