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Peace, Cinder Toffee and A Bonfire

I added a white Peace poppy to the Redruth Welly Dogs today.

I made cinder toffee for the bonfire party at the allotment this evening (and Spiced Carrot Cake)

After our bonfire, shared delicious Lottie Soup and various other delectables, we watched the firework display happening down in the town.



Muck Spreading, Fuchsia and Bunker Cabaret

One of our fellow allotmenteers arranged for a trailer-full of well rotted manure to be delivered this morning.   People worked very hard to  shovel it all out and then the lovely Mr S wheelbarrowed some  to our plot and I spread it all out. We are hoping for splendid crops next year!

Another neighbour’s garden, on the path away from the lottie on the way home, has these fuchsias still in flower.

Our Ukrainian friends, Hooligan Art Community,  have just performed Bunker Cabaret in Eastleigh. This is a photo from one of the performers at the end of the show.

Hooligan Art Community in Eastleigh


Baby Snails, Soup and Daisies

We brought leeks home last night from the allotment and when they were all prepared, with the compost bin ready to go out, the lovely Mr S called me to  see the parade of little snails that were looking for a way out…….

I found a new soup recipe today where the sweet potatoes, peppers, garlic and red onions had to be roasted first. What a pretty colourful tray. The soup was delicious. .

I took the photo of Michaelmas Daisies growing a neighbour’s garden, gorgeous.



Flowers, Allotment and Defender’s Day

We made up a lovely bunch of purple, white and green to take when we visited our Dear friend Ti this morning.

The various patches at the allotments still have colour. There are lots of squashes around and some lovely bright dahlias in a neighbouring plot.

One of our young Ukrainian friends posted this today. It is to recognise Defenders Day in Ukraine today and translated says:  All defenders and defenders happy holiday! You guys are the best!

Всіх Захисників і Захисниць зі Святом!
Друзі, ви найкращі!

I looked up the significance of the day and found the following:

Defenders Day[7] is a public holiday[8] in Ukraine celebrated annually on 14 October.[9][10] Its first celebration was in 2015.

You have our love and support.


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Bill’s Attic, A Strawberry and Borscht

A visit to Bill’s Attic was our trip with our visitors this morning, a visit to the most eclectic collection of artefacts and memorabilia that used to be in his attic next door but which is  now curated in a local arts complex called Krowji. The sunlight through the coloured windows made a magical carpet from which to experience this ‘museum’ of curiosities.

We showed our friends the allotments today and we were amazed to find a strawberry. It smelt delicious and tasted even better.

Tonight we had our first experience of Ukrainian hospitality with beautifully made Borscht and vodka, gherkins, garlic and lemons accompanied by singing and laughing – another wonderful evening with these lovely young people. They start rehearsals tomorrow for the show at the end of the week.



Autumn Equinox, Creature and A Sky Kiss

It’s the Autumn Equinox today and I have kindly been given permission to use this beautifully golden leafed  photograph taken by Kris Meaden in Penlee Park in Penzance.

We still have a couple of baby brassicas in the poly tunnel at the allotment and today we had a little visitor. Do any of you lovely readers know what it is? I left it alone so I’m hoping its favourite food isn’t young Kale!

While at the allotment, the sky showed us this delight full trail pattern.



Post Box Topper, Street Furniture and Flowers

As our local children start the new school year, our local knitter has produced another lovely post box topper in honour of Rick, our crossing man who sees children and adults alike safely over the road. 

We loved how this piece of street furniture has been made special with the brass cut-out of Truro Cathedral on the sides.

There are still lots of Cosmos and Dahlias flowering at the allotment so we picked a bunch to enjoy at home.



First, Last and Cake

I pulled our first leeks from the allotment  for tea tonight and they are delicious, steamed and some put into a white sauce. The others I will put into a soup tomorrow.

Our Sweet peas are all over. These are the very last few flowers brought in to enjoy.

We took a Heligan Pineapple Cake out of the freezer today, ready for a picnic tomorrow.



Onions, Shallots and A Poem

We’ve tied up our onion harvest and plaited the shallots, all grown at our allotment – they should last us almost a year.

A friend sent this poem along and I love it.  I just wish I could take the advice.


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International Day of Cats – A Poem and Two Cats

I love the following poem by Brian Bilston who has very kindly given me permission to share it with you. I love how, in the humour, he always manages to raise the political and to make clear his feelings. Thank you, Brian.

The following photos are of international cats – one who lives in Arizona and one who lives at the allotment here in Redruth.

Thanks, P, beautiful photo.



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