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Raindrops, Narcissi and Chives

The Iris buds collect raindrops so that they look like ears of corn.

The last Narcissi to appear in our garden are the lovely Pheasant’s Eye.

Lots of  allotments are in full flowering mode. I love this little patch. .


Bluebells, Scarecrow and Baby Plants

For the first time since the lovely Mr S had his new knee we went for a walk up to the Flat Lode, a 2km walk which was very pleasing. The lanes are full of bluebells are are really lovely.

Later we went along to the allotment where there is a delightful little scarecrow.

We collected the baby Sweetcorn plants which I have grown in the poly tunnel and have brought them home to grow in one of our raised beds in the garden. I’ve replaced them with tiny Kalette plants for planting out later at the lottie when they have had the poly tunnel warmth and done some more growing.


Blossom, Bumper Sticker and A Bluebell

The Crab Apple tree planted last week at the allotment is beautifully covered in blossom.

Someone at the lottie has this delightful bumper sticker on their car. We want to find one!

In our drive there is a lovely, lone, self-planted Bluebell.


Allotment, Tomatoes and Seedlings

I’ve spent several hours at the allotment today, tending seedlings, potting on some baby tomato plants,( a gift from another allotmenteer yesterday) and digging in lots of compost. The sun shone and the peaceful activity did me good as did singing at choir this afternoon.

Two kinds of Courgettes and Sweetcorn


Tree Planting, Primroses and Granny’s Bonnet

A lovely time was had by all at the allotment this afternoon where we had a fascinating talk about pollinators followed by the planting of a small Crab Apple, just beginning to blossom, in memory of a dear allotmenteer, former secretary and organiser extraordinaire, whom we lost last year. In the background is our current chairperson, cracking open the bubbly to toast E. 

Along the edge of the wall at the allotment are these lovely, almost white, primroses.

In my suffragette garden, the aquilegias are in flower, beautifully purple, white and green and very pleasing.



Lunch, View and Courgettes

It was a lovely sunny morning and we took our salads to eat in the sunshine.

This was our view  of the garden from where we ate our lunch.

Last week LiveWire No 2 came to the allotment with us, April 12th, and planted the courgette seeds in the poly tunnel.  Today, some of the Shooting Stars are up already.


Full Moons, Strawberry and A Poem

I meant to show you this a couple of days ago when it was the full Pink moon otherwise known as the Seed Moon but we were very busy with family.

We have some strawberry plants in the poly tunnel at the allotment, a gift from another allotmenteer, and they are flowering, much to our delight.

This little poem came my way and I thought you, my dear readers, would like it too.


Baking, Playing and Planting

We decorated the cake

Exploring caves at Chapel Porth – photo by LR

Fun on the beach – photo by LR

Cousins running down the lane to the allotment

Planting flowers brought by their aunt – to be visited every year, we hope.



Planting, Spring Flowers and Baking

LiveWire No 2 spent the morning at the allotment with us being very helpful indeed – in the photo watering the broad beans he has just carefully planted.

On the way back home we spotted this pretty accidental planting under a hedge.

LiveWire No 4 arrives tomorrow (as do 5 and 6!) and it was just her birthday so this afternoon, LiveWire No 3 and I have baked a Chocolate Fudge cake to be the birthday cake.

T stirring the butter and chocolate mixture

Pouring the batter into the cake tins, photo by T, LiveWire no 3


Arrival, Irises and Peace

Our London LiveWires have arrived this afternoon to be joined by their cousins, Aunts and Uncles on Wednesday for  four days of family fun.

We all walked down to the allotment to check on any watering that was needed and found the irises that I showed you a couple of days ago in bud, fully open and lovely.

Born on this day in New Jersey in 1898, Paul Robeson was a singer, actor and activist who used his platform to speak up for justice.
Over the years, he lent his support for a variety of movements: from the Republican cause in Civil War Spain to the American Civil Rights Movement. I grew up listening to his singing and have written about him here before.This quotation seems very apt for the moment.



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