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Street Art, Harvest and Another Spider

We often drive past the Old Post Office but rarely have the chance for a photograph. Today I managed through the windscreen.

I have harvested our Sweet Potatoes today! There aren’t many but they are a lovely colour.

The lovely Mr Smith left his beaker outside this afternoon and just popped out to get it. Not until he was in the kitchen did he realise he had brought in a spider who was busy munching on its supper. We think it’s a Cross Spider and guess it probably was having been brought into the warmth and then out again.


A Rose, A Tail and Sunflowers

The golden roses are still flowering.

This amused us while we were having breakfast.

These are some of the self-sown sunflowers at the allotment. We’re hoping some will self-sow in our patch next year.


Breakfast, Veggies and A Visitor

It is  such a delight to meet dear friends for breakfast at various lovely venues, all near the sea. Today we met at the Blue Bar in Porthtowan and over a delicious breakfast and a splendid view, put the world to rights!

Our allotment is a source of joy to me, not just for what we grow but as a place of quiet contemplation and pops of colour on other plots.. I love that I can say, “I’m just going down the road to get some beans for dinner,”  and coming home with a lovely leek as well as the Purple Teepee beans, some chillies and some white dahlias to share with  friends and neighbours.

I hadn’t realised that a little visitor had hitched a ride on the leek. He’s now in the back field.


River, Bulbs and Pie

My choir is meeting again in the Zed Shed and once more we have the joy of the Penryn River as our backdrop as well as singing together, albeit in very small numbers.

I love the hope intrinsic in planting bulbs now for the Spring. These are some that we are about to plant. We haven’t had either variety before so look forward to seeing these next March/April..

Tonight we have had Leftovers Pie – chicken bits from the roast earlier this week with two chopped up vegan sausages all in a sauce made by whizzing up leftover cauliflower cheese and all covered with a puff pastry lid that had been frozen since I last made pies. We served the pie with Runner Beans harvested this afternoon at the allotment. We treated ourselves last night to a special dinner at our local hotel, The Penventon, and tonight’s frugality made up for that!

Leftovers Pie


Onions, Dahlias and Love

More produce! Just over 4kg, 9lbs of onions. Those should last a while. The reds were a bit of a disaster but the golden ones look lovely.

The dahlias that you can just see in the photo above are doing brilliantly. We have a big bunch indoors and I was able to give our neighbours an even bigger bunch. There are still lots more coming.

The following cartoon came my way today and I love it!



Lunch, Baby Toms and Evening Sky

Our first sweetcorn is ready to harvest and for lunch today we had it freshly boiled with butter and salt. Simple deliciousness.

I’m eating baby cherry golden tomatoes each time I walk past the plant in the back garden. It’s like eating sweeties! Thank you N&G for the little plant you gave us weeks ago. 

The evening sky as we were leaving the allotment after watering tonight was pretty and turning peachy. The Night Scented Stocks’ scent pervades the whole area – I wish I could share that with you too..


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Day Off No 3

Squashes given to us ripening in the sunshine.

Hope to back on form tomorrow.


Golfer, Gift and Gymnopodie

My choir, The Suitcase Singers, had our first sing together in the Zed Shed, Penryn,  in 18 months. We had just finished singing “Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher”, when a quite emotional stranger appeared at the door. He explained that he was ‘golfing’ from John O’Groats to Land’s End and had just hit a low point. Then, while having a coffee at Muddy Beach, he had heard us singing and just had to come up to tell us how it had lifted his spirits. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house! This is a link to his remarkable story and his Just Giving page in case you are moved to support him too. David Sullivan is raising money to provide defibrillators all over the country. It was a very special moment for all of us too.

Another lovely moment today was when I went to the allotment to collect our veg for tonight’s dinner and there on our plot was this glorious bright orange squash, a Potimarron, a gift from friends on another plot. What a beauty!  Looking it up I discovered that  Le potimarron est une variété de potiron qui se distingue par son goût de châtaigne. I’m told too that it makes a delicious soup so guess what I shall be doing tomorrow. Thank you very much to S&M.

As I was starting to write this post this evening, a favourite piece of music came on the radio and I thought I would share it with you. Eric Satie Gympopodie


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Taste, Sight and Smell

We are picking courgettes from the allotment every day and having made them into soup (velvety and green) had them fried with lemon zest, today I made Courgette Fritters and we had them with some fried Halloumi – very tasty, especially served with some of the Cherry tomatoes we were given yesterday. .

The Cosmos are gone but the Verbena and Poppies make a lovely bee friendly border that is easy on the eyes.

I just wish I could bottle the perfume of the Night Scented Stock at the end of that border. It is so lovely to catch the scent on the breeze when we go down to water the Lottie in the evenings.


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Produce Sharing

We love the community feeling at the allotments, the sharing of advice and of produce. In exchange for the gift of some beautiful cherry tomatoes and a cucumber, we cut some purple, white and a bit of green for a suffragette bunch of prettiness.

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