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Tea Strainer, Crocus and Skeleton Hydrangea

In our bid to use less plastic and discovering that most tea bags have plastic in them, we have bought tea leaves and brought out of retirement, the stainless steel tea strainer given to us as a Wedding present in 1967 by my Headteacher, Miss Cobley. I can’t imagine many Headteachers buying their pupils wedding presents these days.

Tea strainer

Just look inside this glossy purple Crocus! Isn’t it beautiful?

Inside a Crocus

Our walk took us around the gardens of Burncoose Nursery this afternoon. The Camellias are blooming and the Hydrangeas looking lovely and delicate with their skeleton petals.

Hydrangea petals


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Feather, Petals, Moss and Lichen

My walk the other day in Burncoose gardens was so beautiful, I took the lovely Mr S around today and it didn’t disappoint! Join us for another beautiful walkabout.

Click on any photo for greater detail.


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Stillness, Water Cooler and Magnolia Gardens

The Penryn River was so still this morning – utterly beautiful.

After singing we all stopped in at The Muddy Beach cafe. This is the water cooler.

On my way home, I stopped off at Burncoose Nursery to have a walk around their beautiful grounds. It was stunning! Every corner turned revealed another breath taking sight. Please join me on my walk.Click on any photo for the caption and detail.



Violets, Burncoose Gardens and Pink Shoelaces!

Ten feet up in the air, in the fork of two moss covered branches, I noticed Violets growing. Aren’t they lovely?

Bluebells in a tree

Bluebells in a tree

This afternoon we walked around the gardens of a local nursery, Burncoose, where the Magnolias are magnificent and the Rhododendrons truly spectacular. Join us on our walk in their extensive grounds.

IMG_9989 IMG_0026 IMG_0011 IMG_0016 IMG_0013 IMG_9995 IMG_9994 IMG_9990



The rain gully

My choice of poem for you today is the lyrics from a song we heard on BBC Radio 2, Pink Shoelaces, by Dodie Stevens, as we were driving home from the gardens. Do have a listen and the lyrics are embedded in the video. It is from 1959, neither of us had heard it before but it was so catchy we ended up singing at the tops of our voices in the car. Try joining in – it is very therapeutic!


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