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Snail, Elephant and Megruli Nana

1   Somehow a snail found his way into our sun room. I love the little white dashes on his neck but was concerned to see that his shell seems to be cracked. I helped him out into the back field.

Visiting snail

2   My beloved wooden elephant got a polish today. I fell for him many years ago in a flea market, paid rather too much for him and had to go home to fetch Mr S to carry him home as he’s far too heavy for me.

My Elephant

3   The school where we normally meet for choir being closed, we met in Treslothnan Church and had a brilliant sing. The acoustics are lovely. The beautiful thing was one piece especially that we are learning, Megruli Nana, a lullaby from Samagreto, West Georgia and it is absolutely stunning. Listen to this version I have found on Youtube…..Megruli nana  It will be brilliant when we’ve finished learning it.


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Mevagissey Fisherman, Screen and Singing Again

1   These delightful little fishermen, less than 2″ tall, were brought home for me by my Dad when I was about seven years old, when he first discovered the beauty of Cornwall and the decision was made to move the family here a.s.a.p.

Mevagissey Fishermen

2  This is the screen in our utility room, used to hide the washing machine etc so that we can call it our sun-room! I’m beginning to decorate it with plant labels, bay leaves and stuff so it is becoming beautiful!

Live life, love food

3   Singing with Claire and the Inglehearts was lovely, of course. It’s good to have her back after her 7 week spell in London. Tonight our last song was “Keep You In Peace” sung especially for the three choir members who have died in the last two months. It was quite hard to sing as we all had loved ones in our minds as well as our choir friends  – but we did it and it was beautiful.


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Rabbits, Tide Clock and Brass Trade

1  The rabbits in the field behind us have been running around showing their white tails as they race by – Spring is in the air here too!

Tide clock

2  Our tide clock gives us pleasure every day. We can choose if our walk will be on the beach or the cliff tops. In fact today, because of our continued work on the sun-room, we just went round the Great Flat Lode behind the house. The light was lovely.

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3  I offered Charlie’s brass sheets and wire on Network Cornwall today and had a reply from Naomi who makes fused glass and who is happy to trade! See her work at

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John’s Pond, New Skirting Boards and Dingboche

1  Spring has come to John’s pond! What a delightful picture to lift the spirits. Thanks, John.

Busy frogs in John's pond

2   Mr S has been fitting new skirting boards in our sun room and I’ve been following behind painting on the primer. It’s beginning to look really good in shades of white. The sun streams in here (when it shines at all) and it is a lovely room to bird watch from.

3   When we Skyped with 3 year old Jake this evening we told him that Lucy had reached Dingboche at 14,500ft. He told us that rain comes from the clouds and that if the sun’s there as well there’ll be a rainbow. Tabitha kept us amused by doing somersaults off the settee and we managed a word or two with KJ.

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