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Lego, Paper Peacock and Grand Piano

1   Jake, 3, plays with such concentration with his Lego.

Serious concentration

2   We went to Truro this afternoon and went to the Lemon Street Market cafe for a chocolate brownie and a coffee. Floating above the shoppers is this beautiful paper sculpture of a peacock.

3   Upstairs, as well as the coffee shop, is a gallery and there is a beautiful baby grand piano with this notice on it inviting anyone to play! I would so love to play it but will have to have rather a lot more lessons before I’m ready for concert playing!

Do read this notice on the piano!

Today, at the end of my 7th month of blogging , I’ve reached 6366 viewings in 77 countries and 500 likes. Thank you so much to all my readers for your loyalty, your comments and likes-  all of which are greatly appreciated. I’ve also just been nominated for the Sunshine Award by about which I am both delighted and flattered and about which – more later………

Thank you all.


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