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Fountain Pen, Happy Couple, Love and No 4

1   Half way through my printing of today’s Wedding Ceremony, the black ink ran out! Possible disaster but no! I found my beautiful fountain pen and in my best handwriting ( which I have been complimented upon in the past) I copied out the first three pages from the draft (the rest was printed). It took a while but it looks lovely and it was easy to read for the Ceremony this afternoon….

2   ……..and that was so beautiful! There was a very cold wind blowing through the arch I showed you on Friday but the couple were so happy and just grinned at each other the whole time! They’ve been together for 16 years and have two children and are still so much in love – now that really is beautiful to see!  Like our own wedding, almost 45 years ago, lots of things were homemade and quite delightful.

3   This Clematis was pointed out to me by Mr S this evening as I’ve been out most of the day. I just have to say here – I am so loved and very lucky to have this lovely man in my life.

Clematis in our garden

The same clematis from underneath, quite gorgeous

and  I have to add No 4 tonight because as I was writing this my lovely friend John phoned me from the pub where a Cornish Shout is happening but I can’t be there as we’re away to London very early in the morning. Over the phone I have just listened to one of my favourites, ‘Estren’ and my eyes have been full of tears at the sound and at his kindness.


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