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Being Tourists in London, The Cutty Sark and Greenwich

We’ve had a beautiful day! We’ve been tourists in London, visiting the amazing Cutty Sark and walking around Greenwich so I’m going to tell the story with photos – many more than 3 beautiful things today! Please click on any photo for an enlargement.

The Cutty Sark

The very beautiful keel

Collection of figureheads

Beautiful rustic sculpture, I guess of the family left behind when the sailor went to sea. There is no plaque to give a name or to attribute the sculptor


Tea chests on the second deck. It was very odd how we both felt the ship was moving!

The Cutty Sark was brought to Falmouth 1922 in and rescued by the Dowman family

From The Falmouth Times 1922 Catharine Dowman was a Suffragette, like my Great Granny!

Beautiful treads on the steps

They kept pigs on board for fresh meat!

Patched wood

One Tree Hill, a viewpoint used by many artists including Turner

Squirrel in Greenwich Gardens

A Triffid perhaps?

Ship in a Bottle at The National Maritime Museum

We’ve gone through The Greenwich Foot Tunnel (not beautiful but very efficient) to see this view of Greenwich from Island Gardens on the North of the river


Riding The Docklands Light Railway was amazing! Do you know, the trains have no drivers!!


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