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Wedding Run-through, Planting Courgettes and A New Wall

1    I spent the morning at a run-through of the Humanist Wedding I’m doing on Sunday. The whole Ceremony is going to be so beautiful – the vows written by the couple themselves, the readings they’ve chosen and the song, “Make you Feel my Love” – recently sung by Adele, but originally a Bob Dylan song – that a friend is singing for them and all in the most beautiful setting, Treassowe Manor, one of Cornwall’s Listed Buildings.

This is where the Ceremony will take place.

2    I’ve made a heap of compost and planted just one courgette plant and three seeds. I’m hoping the slugs will find the heap hard to climb!

Courgette protected from the wind

3   From the rubble our beautiful new wall is growing!

The old concrete is dug up and piled up

The new wall is growing – another new planting opportunity!


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