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1904 Etched Window, Nest, Two Humanist Weddings and a Bit More Babel

1  Something quite magical happened today that has not happened in the four years we’ve been here.  There was a reflection from the windscreen of the car on the drive through the etched window of the inner front door and up onto the stair carpet at the top of the stairs – beautiful!

Etched window from 1904


2   We went to Hardy Exotics this afternoon, in Whitecross, on the A30, to find a tree to survive the wind in our garden. We didn’t get a tree today but were shown this scruffy and very beautiful nest with the mother bird sitting in one of the staff-only greenhouses! What a sensible bird! It’s warm, dry, only Di goes in there to pot up new plants and she can listen to Radio 4!

Mother on nest

3   Had two meetings today with couples wanting non-religious Wedding Ceremonies, one to be on Little Fistral Beach (Carnmarth Hotel if the  weather is bad), in Newquay in September and the other at Trevenna Barns, Bodmin in May next year. Both lovely couples  with whom it was fun to start the planning.

4   An added extra for today – There’s a fabulous review of Babel here – this reviewer totally gets it, at last!


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