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A Gift, A Ghost and Today’s Work

At our last choir two lovely people gave me some bits of jewellery  to add to my glass work.

Beautiful bits from Lisa and Helen

This ghostly apparition delighted me this morning, especially when the rainbows passed over it.

Our sunshine ghost

I cut the glass for this one a few days ago but didn’t have all the right additions until Monday evening. I have worked on it all afternoon and am pleased with the final result though the photo looks gold and it isn’t! It’s silver!

Today’s work, incorporating the two little turquoise earrings, top left in above photo, and a piece of sea-glass


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Walk Around the Back

After another wild and very wet night, the sun shone by about midday and we went for a walk up along the Great Flat Lode trail that is right behind our house. It’s a good stomp for finding beautiful things!

Reflection in a puddle

Cow parsley

Mossy tree trunks


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From Gyllyngvase to Swanpool to Chapel Porth

A small gallery of today …..  Click on any photo for the caption and to see detail.


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Sewing, Candle and Crackers

1   My new project is to embellish duvet covers for one of our Live-wires (can’t really call them the  Grand-babies any more as they are all growing up – 2,4,6 and 7 years old).   Live-wire B, who has just turned two, is about to move into her cot-bed and I am sorting out her new duvet covers.  More about the project as it develops. Today has been spent tacking!

My ongoing project

My ongoing project

2       We had a candle on the hob this evening and it made a lovely reflection in the black glass.

Candle on the hob

Candle on the hob

3    This delightful photo came to me via a friend today. Thank you!

Bring cheese and crackers!

Bring cheese and crackers!



Weekly Photo Challenge – Containers

Here is a glass containing red wine and the reflection of the lampshade above.

Red wine and light

Red wine and light


For more in this interesting Challenge, click here


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Sunshine, Raindrops and e e cummings

1    It has been a beautiful Spring day today and I ventured out into the garden. The sunlight was shining through the white Narcissi.

Sunlit Narcissus

Sunlit Narcissus

2   There were still raindrops held between the newly sprouted leaves of the Aquilega and, if you click to enlarge and then zoom in, you’ll see the reflection of the trellis work. There’s also a tiny string of raindrops just behind the main drop and the new leaves have a delicate furriness.

Aquilega and raindrop

Aquilega and raindrop

3    My lovely sister-in-law reminded me of a poem that just shouts ‘Spring has sprung’ and here it is –

in Just by e e cummings

in Just-
spring          when the world is mud-
luscious the little
lame balloonman
whistles          far          and wee

and eddieandbill come

running from marbles and
piracies and it’s

when the world is puddle-wonderful

the queer

old balloonman whistles
far          and             wee
and bettyandisbel come dancing

from hop-scotch and jump-rope and





balloonMan          whistles

I love it! Spring and the essence of childhood – just glorious!
You’ll find another e e cummings poem in this post.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – One Shot Two Ways 2

From Trelissick  yesterday as the tide was going out, the heron and his reflection were standing in the shallow waters finding something tasty to eat. 

Heron, landscape
Heron, landscape
Heron, portrait

Heron, portrait


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Reflection, A Black Labrador and Woodland Swing

1. We spent all afternoon in the West Family Woods delighting in the bird song, the flowers, the variety of trees and being with the family. The stream that runs through the woods is very beautiful and home to many tadpoles. (See my Weekly photo challenge)

2 The family have five lovely Black Labradors. The photo is of Willow, the oldest of the five, sister of one and mother of another. Having been bitten twice by strange dogs as a child, I’m somewhat wary of being around dogs but these are all beautiful and beautifully trained.


3. There’s a swing seat in the woods. I could have sat and rocked for hours taking in all the sounds, smells and tranquility of the woods.



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

Walking around Hampstead Heath we came across an almost still pond with beautiful reflections. At the far end I could see logs mirrored in the water, looking like a gaping mouth.

Click on the first photo and follow the slide show through as I take you closer and closer to the detail.


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Baby Chuckles, Cornish Pasties and Kite Flying

1   Waking up to baby chuckles from the next door bedroom is just beautiful.

2   After shopping for new shoes for Tabitha and new socks for Jake we came home with Cornish Pasties for lunch. As usual, Tabitha enjoyed her Cornish treat!

Tabitha and her Cornish pasty

3   First we made a kite, then we flew it in the park. When the string broke, we played and then Jake had a piggy-back home and I managed to get our picture in a reflection in a car window.

Getting the kite ready

It flies.Success!

Bringing the kite home

Playing in the tunnel

Piggy-back home, reflection in a car window


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