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Paper Bags, A Leaf and Muscari

We had a delivery today  – of frozen pasties! Daughter No 1 is visiting for lunch in the garden on Sunday and whenever she visits, Cornish pasties have to be  purchased. She’ll be here on Easter Sunday when the bakery will be shut so she pre-ordered them to be cooked later at home. I was delighted and amused  to see that they came with paper bags!

I’ve never seen a flower that has grown up quite like this.

I love the two tone Muscari flowers.


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Truro’s Winter Pansies, Tea Cosy and Keep Calm

Christmas shopping in Truro this morning was made even better by the planters full of colour, Primulas and Winter Pansies.dscn9665

I have posted photos from the pasty shop before, always seasonal and delightful tea-cosies. There is a skilled and imaginative knitter in there somewhere.dscn9673

On the way home we followed a pasty van, another with a sense of humour.


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Baby Chuckles, Cornish Pasties and Kite Flying

1   Waking up to baby chuckles from the next door bedroom is just beautiful.

2   After shopping for new shoes for Tabitha and new socks for Jake we came home with Cornish Pasties for lunch. As usual, Tabitha enjoyed her Cornish treat!

Tabitha and her Cornish pasty

3   First we made a kite, then we flew it in the park. When the string broke, we played and then Jake had a piggy-back home and I managed to get our picture in a reflection in a car window.

Getting the kite ready

It flies.Success!

Bringing the kite home

Playing in the tunnel

Piggy-back home, reflection in a car window


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