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Alignment, Bubble and Gylly Beach

Early this morning, I went to look out of the back window to check if there was still some snow for LiveWire 4 to play with and had the most beautiful surprise of the Crescent Moon with Venus and Jupiter. I had been up early on January 31st to see the special sight but there was too much cloud cover. This morning was utter magic!

Crescent Moon, Venus and Jupiter

As the sky was lightening

There was still snow on the ground this morning so we went out to blow bubbles to see if we could make them freeze as we have seen on social media. Things were beginning to thaw so that didn’t work but one of the bubbles caught in the Cedrus Atlantica Glauca and stayed long enough for me to take the photo.

Bubble in the snow

It was still bitterly cold this afternoon though the snow was long gone (It doesn’t hang around long in Cornwall!) and we went to Gyllyngvase beach for a quick walk and a hot chocolate in the cafe.

I’m going down to the sea!

What can I do with this?

Oh my!


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Lone Yacht, Charles Dickens and Knitting

Walking today in another bitter and quite strong wind, we saw just one sailing boat in a beautifully coloured sea.

Lone yacht

It has been one of those March days so well described by Charles Dickens.

Charles Dickens

Knitting is receiving a very good press, research showing how it helps to calm the knitter!

Beautiful piece by Unknown – if anyone can help, I would love to give credit


First Ice-Cream, Dedication and Sally-Boots

We went for a ‘Mother’s Day’ lunch today at The Gylly  on the beach and it was delicious and much quieter than yesterday would have been. We also had our first scrumptious ice-creams of the season!

Roskilly’s Toffee Crunch ice-cream

Afterwards we did a short coastal walk to Swanpool and noticed for the first time the following lovely dedication on a bench.

When we miss you….

Last night I finished of a pair of Sally-boots for a baby expected any day now by one of my ex-pupils with whom I have stayed in touch. They are ready to post as soon as word comes through.


P.S.  LiveWire 3, whose 7th birthday it is today, loves her sewing box and all the bits therein!  🙂



Golden Dawn, Snowdrops and Winter Beach

We can feel the Spring arriving! There was a beautiful golden dawn this morning and tonight, at 5pm,  I drove to choir in day light for the first time for many weeks.

Dawn from the back bedroom

We have Snowdrops in our garden.


Our walk today was along Cliff Road, by Gylly Beach  and through the park. It was 10C and the wind had dropped.

From Gylly Beach across to St Anthony Head Lighthouse


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Gyllyngvase on Sunday afternoon

There was a brisk North wind today so we chose the South coast for our walk and it was remarkably peaceful.

Towards Pendennis Castle

Newly painted bench along Cliff Road

Out to sea, the view from the bench

Seed heads

Towards Gylly Beach

Long shadows


Walk By Gyllyngvase Beach

A bit of deja vu today as our walk was along Cliff Road, Gyllyngvase, Falmouth with me using just one crutch. My knee is still swollen and I am black, blue, pink, yellow and purple from ankle to thigh but was reassured after a three hour visit to our wonderful Minor Injuries Clinic at Barncoose Hospital and an X-ray yesterday that it is ‘just’ soft tissue damage that might take weeks (!) to heal but is not a serious injury. Rest and exercise in equal measure should do the trick.

Here are a Bramble flower, the promise of a Blackberry later in the season, a seal out in the bay and some seaweed in the clear blue water with views across the bay – for some reason in reverse order. What beauty!


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Yotam Ottolenghi, Seaside and Snoods

I read a recipe in The Guardian this morning that sounded delicious. It was one of Yotam Ottolenghi’s, Cauliflower and Chickpeas with Warm Tahini Yogurt and it was as delicious (and easy)  as it sounded. I chopped the tomatoes though rather than grating them! If you would like to try the recipe, here is the link  It’s the third recipe in the article.

Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpeas with Warm Tahini Sauce

Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpeas with Warm Tahini Sauce

Gylly Beach looked inviting from Castle Drive today but, in fact, it was very cold and we didn’t stay very long.

Gylly Beach

Gylly Beach

We were in Falmouth to deliver some warm clothes, and the four Snoods I have knitted, to Espressini, a local cafe that is acting as a Collection point for donations for refugees in Calais. The young woman in the cafe told me that the lovely local people have been very generous which is good to hear. Some people are driving over next week to visit The Jungle and to take all the donated items to those in need.

Snoods with labels to show people that they are being thought os with love and respect

Snoods with labels to show people that they are being thought of with love and respect


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