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I saw this today and it really appealed to me. 

I hope you have had something to purr about today.


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Stickers, Balloon and A Tractor

I passed this car the other day and loved all the stickers. I recognised the Darwin one and love the Terry Pratchett reference but  I had to look up the FSM one and discovered, to my delight, all about the Church of the  Flying Spaghetti Monster. The others I think, speak for themselves. I would love to get to know the driver – I think we would get along.

Shopping in town this morning, we were amused by some teenagers with their balloon, trying to keep it under control. On our way back to the car, we saw it floating above the town……

I had to think twice about posting the following photo it being far too soon to post about Christmas but this did amuse us as we walked into the garden centre this afternoon.


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Cornish Sole, Peas and A Sign

I bought some recently caught  Cornish Lemon Sole at the fishmonger’s today. coated it  in seasoned flour and fried it quickly in butter – delicious! I served it with Cornish potatoes, spinach and peas and was reminded of a cartoon I saw recently.

Daughter No 2 hated peas as a toddler and used to hide them on the rungs of her high chair. We should have tried this line!

This reminder was seen in Penryn today.



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Hallowe’en, Soup and Cake

This came my way for Hallowe’en and I thought you might all like it, Dear Readers. Happy Hallowe’en to you all.

Found in Monkseaton, UK

I’ve made three pints of beautiful Pumpkin Soup, a new recipe which suggests serving with creme fraiche and crispy bacon. It was delicious. Thanks to M&S who gave us the pumpkin some weeks ago.

I treated myself to a proper non-stick bundt tin last time we went to Truro and today made Jamie Oliver’s Tangerine Dream Cake again. It is much better cooked in the proper tin, looks good and tastes better too.

Tangerine Dream Cake


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Some Poppies and A Pastiche

A pot-full of various poppies has flowered and is lovely.

Michael  Rosen has written a pastiche of Lewis Carroll’s poem, Jabberwocky, a longtime favourite and we love it! It takes the mickey out of recent events in UK politics concerning a video, an affair and a resignation

This came to me via a tweet and some final letters are missing but I hope they don’t spoil your enjoyment.


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Singing, A Toothbrush and A Cartoon

In 2013 some of our choir walked from Lands End to St Just, inspired by the March of the Women, 100 years before, who walked from Land’s End to London demanding Votes for Women. Tonight, in the atrium of the Eco Park we sang March of the Women, conducted by our leader, Claire, using a toothbrush.

Ethel Smyth’s rousing March of the Women was composed in 1910 to words by Cicely Hamilton, with a tune adapted from a traditional Italian melody. Emmeline Pankhurst (1858–1928) introduced it as the official anthem of the Women’s Social and Political Union and it became associated with the suffrage movement more generally. Info from the British Library

In 1911 it was sung on Pall Mall in celebration of the release from prison of a number of activists. The following year, the conductor Thomas Beecham (1879–1961) apparently heard it sung in Holloway Prison, where Smyth and Pankhurst were imprisoned and it is said that Ethel Smyth conducted the imprisoned women singing at their windows, using her toothbrush as a baton.  Some of you know that my Great Granny was a Suffragette imprisoned and force fed in Holloway. I like to think she may have known and sung this song.

Two of our lovely choir members with whom I sing in the tenor section. I have permission to use their photos in my blog post.

There was a rueful smile when I saw this cartoon.

Covid rules in England say choirs can only sing outdoors in groups of no more than 30, all socially distanced. Have you seen/heard any football matches recently? 🙂


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Children Singing, Mount Recyclemore and Thrift

I have mentioned a number of times that the G7 Summit is happening over this coming weekend in Carbis Bay, Cornwall. Everyone has now arrived and talks as well as various protests have started.  Another film being shown is this one from children from Marazion School near Penzance and Stoke Climsland School near Callington. It, too, like Gee 7 which I gave you a couple of days ago, is very moving and really needs to be listened to by our leaders and by all of us.


From The Guardian:  “Seven giant faces loom above the dunes, gazing sombrely over swathes of bright sea thrift towards the ocean.

Even before the G7 had sat down to begin their Cornish summit, Mount Recyclemore, a sculpture made of discarded electronic waste depicting the visages of the seven leaders, looked bound to be one of the stars of the show.

Created by the artist Joe Rush and the tech business musicMagpie, the piece has appeared at Sandy Acres beach, just along the coast from Carbis Bay, where the leaders are meeting.

About 15 artists helped create the structure over a frantic six weeks at Rush’s scrapyard/studio in south London. Parts were then shipped down to Cornwall on lorries and put together in situ.”

We need to visit Sandy Acres Beach to see this. This afternoon we did one of our favourite walks along the cliffs at Godrevy. We had thought it might be blocked off but apart from the radar area and seeing army personnel, all was much as usual.

Not beautiful exactly but interesting nonetheless


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Words, A Shed and A Clock

I love learning new words and this one is a treat.

My SIL in Atlanta, Georgia has a new shed. Check out the knocker!

This clock amused me too even though I am much more of a words person than a maths person.



Sign, Sea and My Mum

We loved the sign at the beach where we went after collecting lots of little plants from Kehelland Horticultural Centre.

The colours of the water were just beautiful, all the lovely shades of blue.

Looking up in a book about herbs today some papers fell out – in my Mum’s handwriting. What a delight and one of ‘those’ moments.  Mum died in 1994 and yet seeing her handwriting can bring her right back into the room where her advice on growing and using herbs is all I need.


Eccles Cakes, Cats and Daffodils

The lovely Mr Smith made Eccles cakes yesterday and they are superb! In fact, in the words of Sue-next-door, an Eccles cake aficionado, “That was officially the best Eccles cake ever!”

This came my way today and made me laugh so I hope it does the same for you.

Our Cornish daffodils, bought on Thursday 11th February, are almost over. These are the last ones left. They have been just so lovely.

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