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Fennel, Traffic Cone and Shadows

A fennel plant has sown itself and the fuzzy growth point is lovely.

We were stuck in traffic long enough for me to be amused by the weed growing out of the top and to have time to take the photo.

The evening sun coming into the sitting room creates perfect shadows of my trainee Fairy.



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Our Wonderful NHS, A Pony and Haiku

After a morning at Community Roots, I spent this afternoon at St Michael’s Hospital in Hayle where I have had bilateral subtalar and ankle steroid injections to combat the arthritic pain. The injections are uncomfortable to have done but in the past have given me relief for about 6 months so are very well worth it. The staff are wonderful – kind and understanding, friendly, efficient  and can’t do enough to make the patients feel good about their treatment. In this photo, with prepared ankles, I am about to go to the treatment room where the injections are done with x-ray guidance, Thank you to everyone. Tea  and  biscuits afterwards were greatly appreciated too! Our NHS is wonderful and we support them all in their strike actions.

The Shetland pony has returned to the field just behind us.

The other day I asked the poet, Brian Bilston, if I could use his poem, Selected Haiku, on my blog and he kindly said that I could so here it is. It made me laugh and I hope will make some of my readers smile too. I know that some of my ex-pupils are readers here and hope they will remember our attempts at Haiku in the classroom.


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Stithians Show

We haven’t been to the show before and we’ve been missing a treat. I went this afternoon with our lovely neighbour, mainly to collect exhibits sent in by allotmenteers and to collect their prizes. There were a few firsts and some second places!
Wikipedia describes the show thus:
“Stithians Show takes place on the day after Feast Sunday in the village of Stithians, Cornwall. It was first held in 1834 and is recognised as being one of the largest one-day shows in the United Kingdom, regularly attracting in excess of 20,000 visitors, exhibitors, competitors, traders and entertainers.”
Here’s a small selection of the treats on offer.


Blossom, Bumper Sticker and A Bluebell

The Crab Apple tree planted last week at the allotment is beautifully covered in blossom.

Someone at the lottie has this delightful bumper sticker on their car. We want to find one!

In our drive there is a lovely, lone, self-planted Bluebell.


Rainbow, Raindrops and Be Happy

A rainbow appeared in our washing-up liquid bottle.

The overnight rain left drops on the long, folded leaves of the Iris Reticulata.

I challenge you to read the following without bursting into song!


Window, Stickers and Bluebell

On a short walk today we passed a lovely old building with a beautiful window.

Driving home, we followed a pasty van with two amusing stickers.

We saw our first bluebell today.



Today, Palindromes and Ambigrams


It amuses me that my initials are also palindromic and ambigramic!


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Bag, Shoes and A New Word

A very brief foray to the pharmacy late this afternoon once the red warning of wild weather had been downgraded to amber and I walked past my favourite  fabric shop where the wording on this bag amused me.

In the charity shop next door were these gorgeous purple shoes. I couldn’t wear them but I do love a pretty shoe!

I love learning new words and this one really struck home!

There have been moments in the last two weeks when I have felt absolutely quanked but as the lovely Mr S makes such good progress my days are far less tiring. Thank you to everyone who has asked after his well-being and sent positive messages.  The four times a day exercises are going well and the new knee being tamed with a little more flexibility every day.


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Donkeys and Lambs

Isn’t this delightful?
Donkey nannies in Italy.
Each year in Italy, grazing animals are moved from high pastures down to the plains. Newborn lambs are unable to make this journey on their own. Instead, they ride in the pouches of a specially made saddle on the back of a donkey or a mule nanny. They are taken down at rest stops and returned to their mothers for a bite to eat and a bit of nuzzling.

Photo: medeamoon



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Compliment, Knitting and Frida

It’s National Compliment Day and this delightful one made my day, a quotation from Maurice Sendak, author of the wonderful children’s book, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.

On #NationalComplimentDay, an all-time anecdote from a 1986 interview with NPR’s Terry Gross

The following is, I hope, a piece of knitting that will appeal to the cat lovers out there. I wish I had made it!

Sorry, don’t know the designer

Another piece of loveliness that came my way today, another piece I wish I had the skill to make!

Frida – Made by Tara Williamson


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