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Daffodils, Squirrel and Tree Trunk

After lunch with a good friend at the cafe at Trelissick, I went for a stomp around the gardens. En route to meet S, driving towards Perranwell, I just had to pull over to get this glorious yellow display at the junction.

Daffodils at the junction

I watched this squirrel for quite some time as he darted across the grass and the path and back again. Here he has just come down from spiralling up the post, too quickly to catch on camera.


What rich colours in this fallen trunk!

Rotting tree trunk



Wild Waves, Gull Rock and Late Sun

For one reason or another, we haven’t been to the ocean for 13 days! I was developing withdrawal symptoms so off we went to our nearest on the North Coast, Portreath.  It’s one of the best when the sea is rough and the tide is coming in as it was today.

Portreath harbour

Portreath harbour

We couldn’t get right out to the last wall as the waves were crashing over the wall and we would have been soaked so my photo of Gull Rock is from a distance.

Gull Rock, Portreath

It was nearly sunset as we were leaving and there was a glow coming over the cliff.

Last sun over the hill



Super Blood Wolf Moon, Paul Robeson and A Fox

I set the alarm for 4am so that I could get up to see the Super Blood Wolf Moon, hoping that the skies would be clear. They were, the stars were very sparkly and the Moon amazing! I watched as the shadow crept over the moon and it began to go red leaving a white glow on one side. I stayed up for an hour until it was total and red. Sadly, my photos don’t do the colour justice. It was much redder to the naked eye. In the midst of the starry silence and the moon magic, I heard an Owl hooting.

First sight

Almost total

We are sorting out our cds with a view to giving away those we no longer listen to.  One definitely to keep is the Paul Robeson. When I was just five years old, my Daddy was away having moved to Cornwall ahead of the family. What was supposed to be a short time turned out to be a full year. I used to ask all the time for Just a Wearyin’ for You  by Paul Robeson to be played and I would weep along to the song, missing my Daddy so much. Heaven only knows how Mum coped. Playing it this morning, I cried again, remembering how it was all those years ago and missing him all over again.

On my way home from singing tonight, not far from home, a beautiful ginger fox strolled across the lane and went under a gate into a field. What a treat!


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Heartwood, Daffodil and Kalettes

I found this beautiful piece of work and thought I would share it with you. It made me think of the cutting down of so many of Sheffield’s trees last year.  The art work is as stunning as the poem, so full of detail and charm.

Heartwood by Robert Macfarlane, art by Nick Hayes

We don’t have swathes of daffodils, just one at a time for now and those are getting knocked down by the wind and rain. I brought the first one in.

Rain battered Daffodil in our indoor garden

Our Kalettes keep on giving! I cooked these in garlic butter and a splash of water. They grow like sprouts but are much more delicious!

Kalettes in garlic butter


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Six on Saturday – After the Rain

Today is a day of sunshine and showers and I popped out between showers to find my Six for this Saturday. I love catching raindrops in my photos and it is so lovely to see signs of Spring, albeit only a few flowers just yet – but – Spring is coming. The grass hasn’t stopped growing all winter. It was mowed only last week and is up again but it is far too wet to be cut right now.


Atlantica Glauca Pendula




Like a field!

You, too, could join in Six on Saturday! Just have a look at the post and the comments  here.


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Honouring the Life of Mary Oliver

I’ve posted a couple of Mary Oliver’s poems before.  I was sorry to hear of her death yesterday.

Mary Oliver

This next poem, Mindful, delights me in that it sums up what I try to do every day.

I see or hear
that more or less

kills me
with delight,
that leaves me
like a needle

in the haystack
of light.
It was what I was born for —
to look, to listen,

to lose myself
inside this soft world —
to instruct myself
over and over

in joy,
and acclamation.
Nor am I talking
about the exceptional,

the fearful, the dreadful,
the very extravagant —
but of the ordinary,
the common, the very drab,

the daily presentations.
Oh, good scholar,
I say to myself,
how can you help

but grow wise
with such teachings
as these —
the untrimmable light

of the world,
the ocean’s shine,
the prayers that are made
out of grass?

“Mindful” by Mary Oliver from Why I Wake Early. © Beacon Press, 2005

This is a very good question for us each to ask ourselves.

Your one and precious life

You might like to look up this website to read more of her poems.


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Kalettes, A Tea-Cup and A Song for You

We are enjoying our fresh greens and purples – our Kalettes. I cook them briefly in garlic butter and the water they were washed in – and they are delicious. Thanks to our allotment friends for giving us the baby plants.


One of our Christmas presents was a freestanding tea cup pouring liquid into a splash. It’s a 3D printed piece based on a Bobby Duke original and we love it.

Tea cup

This song came my way today and pleased me greatly. I want to learn it! Given the crazy politics in our country, we do indeed ‘need each other now.’



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