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Day Lily

Just one tonight – been a crazy day. All is well. Love and peace to all my Dear Readers.


Last Night, Scarlet and Blue

We had  been watching the beautiful sunset out of the front room windows and then discovered the pink sky and nearly full Moon in the back garden, opposite the setting sun.

We have had lots of purple poppies already – this is the first scarlet one and we love it.

The Eringium Planum Blue Hobbit is turning blue!  For  weeks  we  have  wondered  if  we  had  the  right  one  and  we  have.


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Six on Saturday – Mid July Blooms

We have been very short of rain and are having to water every evening to try to keep things going. Despite that, we think our beautiful new Hazel may be dying. It has some crisp brown leaves but we will live in hope.

1.  Colour mix Poppy. This has just appeared and we have labelled it for seed keeping though we know it’s unlikely we’ll get another next year. This grew from saved seed and is very beautiful.

2.   Mum’s Pan Stand.  I grew up with this pan stand, full of shiny pans, in the kitchen. I inherited it some years ago and we too kept it in the kitchen but then we moved back to Cornwall and there was no room inside the house for it. I put it outside, painted it black and found various pans and containers to plant in. I love the oranges and blues of this year’s display.

3.  A very full border. Lupins, Alstroemeria, Verbena Bonariensis,  Day Lilies, Cornflowers and more -and to the right, the possibly terminal, but we hope not,  Red  Hazel.

4.  Aliums.  They are beginning to change colour, at last.

5   The Edible Garden is overflowing!  We are eating the lettuces as fast as we can, using the Pansy flowers, Nasturtiums and Borage blooms in G&T ( and in salads!) and the herbs in everything!  The Olive tree has tiny buds!

6   Hydgrangea in a neighbour’s garden – such a good blue.

For others in the Six on Saturday, see the Propagator’s blog. Read the comments to discover gardeners all over the world.



Cathedral, Hedgehog and A House

Truro Cathedral was looking beautiful in the sunshine today.

There are hedgehogs on the Trafalgar roundabout!

LiveWire No2 has been talking about having a guinea pig as a pet. Today we saw a lovely house to keep it/them in.


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Steps, Squirrel and Earrings

A lovely display of flowers on these steps drew my eye as I walked up through Penryn today.

Two baby squirrels have been dashing around our garden exploring every corner including the bird feeder and one completely unafraid of me as I approached though the other dashed off along the wall.

I bought myself some beautiful new earrings today from a lovely shop, Fannie and Fox, that I discovered on my walk through Penryn.

Made by Keri Valentine


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Special Purchase, Stamps and Curtains

In Redruth Market on Saturday there was a new stall – the Year 4 pupils from our local Primary School had been busy making Strawberry Jam and Red Onion Marmalade. They were a delight to talk to and were very good sales-people.

I read in the paper that the Post Office were to issue new stamps celebrating various festivals around the country. One they have featured is Padstow’s ‘Obby ‘Oss.

I visited the event a couple of years. If you’d like to read about it, here is the link.

We have some fabulous new curtains for our bedroom. They are very dramatic and have blackout linings which should mean that we don’t wake at dawn!


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Baby Bird, Lamp and Borage

It is always a delight to watch the birds at the feeders and today there were a number of baby ones, Blue Tits and Great Tits loving the peanuts and the fat bell.

Baby Great Tit

I’ve been playing with glass again – bought a small lamp and took out the plain glass and replacing it with scraps that I put together with the foiling. I’m pleased with the result.

I put Borage and Nasturtium petals into my G&T treat tonight!

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