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National Poetry Day, A Walk, A Poem and Optimism

It’s National Poetry Day today and you can read and hear our Poet Laureate, Simon Armitage’s  new poem written for today, an uplifting one about communication in the time of Covid – Something Clicked

We followed a new walk this morning through woods and lanes, leaves, streams and livestock! Join us along the way. Click on any photo in the gallery for the bigger version. Underneath is another poetry gem for you, reflecting on the changing season. It seemed right for today to go with our walk.  Thanks, Kim.

From ‘Uncovering’ 2013 by Kim Ridgeon

It’s October 1st and here is this month’s help chart from Action for Happiness. Print it out and be optimistic! Optimists have more fun!

There’s the first full moon of this month tonight but, sadly,  it is hiding behind the clouds.


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Another Autumn Walk on The Penrose Estate

Join us for a walk on the other side of Loe Pool (If you missed the first walk, it’s here). Click on any photo for the caption and the scroll through to enjoy our walk with us. I had my crutches with me and used them most but not all of the time!


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Montpelier, Another Bridge, A Truck and Pumpkins

Thanks to a comment from Hudson, we went into, rather than bypassing, Montpelier and were delighted that we did – what a lovely city! There are some remarkable buildings, beautiful spires and covetable homes in lovely colours. We had coffee and a warm cinnamon bun in a community cafe called Bagito’s that had painted light shades and walls and live music. Painting things seems a local thing to do; we saw concrete barriers painted by local children and a charming street mural.

We followed a painted truck out of the city, found a couple more old covered bridges at Northfield Falls and saw yet more pumpkins decorating people’s porches. It’s lovely how Autumn is celebrated here right from the beginning of October all the way to Hallowe’en.



















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Cyclamen, Simple Lunch and Poppies in the Rain

1   I discovered these delightful curly stems on the ground in the garden this morning. It looks as if there will be lots of Cyclamen Hederifolium flowers this year but I was expecting them to flower in the Autumn! Perhaps they think it is Autumn already. It is cool enough and there are spiders’ webs covered in rain drops all over the garden.

Cyclamen Hederifolium

Cyclamen Hederifolium

2   It may be cool out there but we have lots of our own lettuce leaves to eat – today a simple Italian salad of Pomodorinos, avocado and mozzarella with a balsamic dressing. I forgot the basil until after the photos!



3   The rain has beaten the poppies down and the wind has shaken off some petals sooner than hoped. They are still very beautiful and I love how the raindrops cling to the hairy stems.

Poppies and raindrops

Poppies and raindrops

Fallen poppy petal

Fallen poppy petal


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons – Three Beautiful Things

1   The Optician in Redruth  has marked the changing season with a delightful display of Angels.

Angels at the Opticians

Angels at the Opticians

2   I love this bright mural in Redruth, Spring being recalled this very cold Winter afternoon.

Spring seen in Winter

Spring seen in Winter

3   Our good friends brought us some homemade jam the other night which I have had on hot buttered toast this afternoon after that very cold walk into town. Delicious!    I like the idea of eating produce from the Autumn as the season changes into Winter.

Marilyn's delicious jam

Marilyn’s delicious jam


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Autumn Tidy, Blue Sky and Truro, City of Lights

1   A truly beautiful and warm Autumn day today and we spent most of it in the garden doing a general tidy up.

2   The bluest sky all day…

A Cornish blue sky

3   Tonight it was the annual City Of Lights parade in Truro. Every school, college and many businesses make paper lanterns from the simple ones that the children make to the most elaborate and enormous effigies. The theme was royalty and there were crowns and kings and queens galore. It is a delightful affair. and thousands turn out to watch the parade which also has bands, drummers and dancers.

Greetings from Truro

Lanterns from Bosvigo School, the primary school I went to as a child

Crown lanterns

One of the biggest lanterns


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Water Droplets, Wet Leaves and Singing

1   Walking back from town this afternoon, this wet grass caught my eye. I love how the droplets just cling on to the ends of the grass and catch the light.

Water droplets on grass

2   The fallen leaves were glossy with the earlier rain and glowed in the evening sunlight.

Golden leaves

3   Singing with Claire and The Inglehearts tonight was brilliant!  We are rehearsing our Christmas repertoire for Christmas gigs and for our first CD which we are recording soon.  There are some very beautiful arrangements where we sound like peals of bells.


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Autumn Leaves, Autumn Fruits and The Last of Our Lettuce

1   The leaves are falling fast and they glisten beautifully in the rain.

Leaves on the drive

Beautiful Maple across the road

2   Our fruit bowl is full of beautiful Autumn produce and the garden full of fruits for the birds.

Autumn fruit bowl

Cotoneaster, with berries for the birds

3   We’ve picked the very last of our lettuce today and planted the over-wintering green manure seeds to help the fertility of the ground next year.

The last of our salad leaves


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Windy Walk, White Flowers and Kissing

1   Went for a lovely blowy Autumn walk this morning up the lane around Carn Brea, leaves blowing everywhere.

2   Still lots of wild flowers – these white ones caught my eye today.

3    There’s a saying in Cornwall that dates back to at least 1846, ‘Kissing’s out of fashion when the furze is out of bloom.’   Since there are always flowers on the gorse that’s not really a problem!

For some reason I can’t load  photos properly today – they are all coming in stretched and very odd. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow.


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Baby Docs, Master of Angry Birds and Autumn in the Park

1. It took a long time to walk to get the paper this morning as T, in her tiny black and pink Docs, wanted to stop and explore everything.



2. After Nursery School and lunch, Jake taught us the next level of Angry Birds with a dragon that flies in and saves the day! At three and three quarters, Jake amazes us with his skill with technology!


3. Autumn leaves, conker collecting, a very well behaved dog and one last Hollyhock.





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