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Post Box Topper

The most delightful  topper has been put on our local post box. I love the detail , especially the tiny shoelaces, and the humour in this one. I wish I knew the crafter.

At choir rehearsal this afternoon, we were told that last night’s concert raised an amazing £675 for our two charities – the wonderful ShelterBox that responds to disasters of all kinds around the world and our local charity, the Camborne, Pool and Redruth food bank which looks after local people, including nurses and teachers, who need help in these hard times to feed their families.
Thank you to our lovely generous audience.


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Leaf Ghosts, A New Hat and Singing

We collected leaves yesterday when we were in Trelissick and today we have made them into ghosts to decorate for Hallowe’en.

Over the last couple of days I have made a new hat for Live Wire T from a kit I just couldn’t leave in the shop.

Tonight we went singing in the rain to try out our voices in the graveyard at St Euny for our project. It was brilliant – a wonderful crew not dismayed by the weather, lovely singing and amazing acoustics. I found it really moving.


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October 2014…

… has been a month of family visits and adventures, from Atlanta to Los Angeles to Hawai’i Big Island, thence to Maui and back to Atlanta taking in art galleries and street art, cityscapes and suburbs, volcanoes and waterfalls, rain-forests and beaches, sunsets and a sunrise, excellent eating from picnics and eating out American breakfasts to a special early Thanksgiving dinner and, the best of all, all this in the company of much loved family who live so far away from us.
Join us on our journey through the following galleries, click on any photo for detail and enjoy the trip! There was so much in the way of glorious flora and fauna that they deserve a post of their own.

Cityscapes and suburbs

There will have to be another post to cover everything but here is a glimpse of an American Hallowe’en where almost every house and garden is decorated, some really elaborately.

More tomorrow……


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Pumpkin Hat, Raw Food and Bath-time

1   The Pumpkin hat arrived in time for Hallowe’en and was very well received.

2   I spent the morning working with a local artist who is making an enormous willow sculpture for Truro’s City of Lights Parade in November. I took along some delicious Raw Chocolate Brownies to share for our break.

Raw Chocolate Brownies

Raw Chocolate Brownies

3  My lovely neighbour has just returned from a Community Theatre project in Nablus, Palestine and she brought me a beautiful locally made skin scrubber and a block of locally made soap which I am looking forward to using. Her descriptions of the Hammam reminded me of our trip to Morrocco when we went to a local hammam with the women from the neighbourhood! Quite an experience!

A Loofah perhaps?

A Loofah perhaps?

Palestinian soap

Palestinian soap


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Montpelier, Another Bridge, A Truck and Pumpkins

Thanks to a comment from Hudson, we went into, rather than bypassing, Montpelier and were delighted that we did – what a lovely city! There are some remarkable buildings, beautiful spires and covetable homes in lovely colours. We had coffee and a warm cinnamon bun in a community cafe called Bagito’s that had painted light shades and walls and live music. Painting things seems a local thing to do; we saw concrete barriers painted by local children and a charming street mural.

We followed a painted truck out of the city, found a couple more old covered bridges at Northfield Falls and saw yet more pumpkins decorating people’s porches. It’s lovely how Autumn is celebrated here right from the beginning of October all the way to Hallowe’en.



















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