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Bulbs, Yellow and A Long View

The sun shone again today though the air was cold and I planted lots of Tulip bulbs to flower next May.

Tulips for the Spring

We walked on the cliffs this afternoon in a biting wind and found lots of yellow flowers which brightened up the walk, the sky having turned steely grey.

Driving home from Godrevy, there’s a brilliant long view towards Carn Brea, the Castle and the Monument.

Carn Brea




Wild Waves, Peachy Clouds and Carn Brea

It’s still windy and we went to see the waves at Portreath. We were not disappointed!

Big waves

The inner harbour

At the end of the harbour

At the end of the harbour, a boiling sea

The view from Lighthouse Hill with peachy clouds

Look carefully and you will just see Carn Brea Castle and the Bassett Monument. Photo taken from moving car





Seed Heads, Bracken and A Path

Beautiful fluffy seed heads all along the tracks, bracken golden in the Autumn sunshine, a path in the distance up the hillside of Carn Brea and an excellent picking of blackberries all combined to make this a very satisfying walkdscn7088





Weather, St Euny Churchyard and The Diaspora

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather. -John Ruskin, author, art critic, and social reformer (8 Feb 1819-1900)

  It certainly was a bracing afternoon as we walked around St Euny Churchyard this afternoon. Come for a walk with us and imagine the wind of Storm Imogen howling through the trees and between the stones. It is fascinating to see how the Cornish miners of tin and copper, who went all over the world to share their skills, to Mexico and America and Cuba, came home to Cornwall. Click on any photo to read the stone more easily.


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A Walk Around St Ives

We went to St Ives by train and walked around streets we had not investigated before. Join us on this beautiful warm Autumnal stroll. Click on any photo for the caption and for the bigger picture.


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Windy Walk, White Flowers and Kissing

1   Went for a lovely blowy Autumn walk this morning up the lane around Carn Brea, leaves blowing everywhere.

2   Still lots of wild flowers – these white ones caught my eye today.

3    There’s a saying in Cornwall that dates back to at least 1846, ‘Kissing’s out of fashion when the furze is out of bloom.’   Since there are always flowers on the gorse that’s not really a problem!

For some reason I can’t load  photos properly today – they are all coming in stretched and very odd. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow.


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Rabbits, Tide Clock and Brass Trade

1  The rabbits in the field behind us have been running around showing their white tails as they race by – Spring is in the air here too!

Tide clock

2  Our tide clock gives us pleasure every day. We can choose if our walk will be on the beach or the cliff tops. In fact today, because of our continued work on the sun-room, we just went round the Great Flat Lode behind the house. The light was lovely.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3  I offered Charlie’s brass sheets and wire on Network Cornwall today and had a reply from Naomi who makes fused glass and who is happy to trade! See her work at

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Iris Reticulata, More Marmalade and Wheal Uny

Iris Reticulata

1  I was delighted today when Mr S spotted this Iris Reticulata in the wall today – one of my favourite flowers, so small and so perfect.

2  We made the next 10 jars of marmalade today. It was fun to know that, at the same time, John R was busy in his kitchen also listening to good music and making marmalade! Both our kitchens are full of that beautiful golden glow of newly minted marmalade!

3  Quite a late walk today up and around Wheal Uny. It was very pleasing that it was still light at 5.30pm

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