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National Poetry Day, A Walk, A Poem and Optimism

It’s National Poetry Day today and you can read and hear our Poet Laureate, Simon Armitage’s  new poem written for today, an uplifting one about communication in the time of Covid – Something Clicked

We followed a new walk this morning through woods and lanes, leaves, streams and livestock! Join us along the way. Click on any photo in the gallery for the bigger version. Underneath is another poetry gem for you, reflecting on the changing season. It seemed right for today to go with our walk.  Thanks, Kim.

From ‘Uncovering’ 2013 by Kim Ridgeon

It’s October 1st and here is this month’s help chart from Action for Happiness. Print it out and be optimistic! Optimists have more fun!

There’s the first full moon of this month tonight but, sadly,  it is hiding behind the clouds.


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Day 12 – Leaving Litchfield, Gourds and Apples

One last photo in Litchfield before we set off on our longest drive of the trip, 114 miles to our stopover in Rhode Island, just so that we can say we’ve visited all the states in New England!


At one of our change-driver-stops, we came across a Nursery where the pumpkins and gourds just glowed.


Here we are choosing one to take home. It cost all of 89cents!

Our next stop for lunch found us sitting under an apple tree on a delightful old bench and collecting windfalls for dessert!




Tomorrow we head off to Cape Cod!

Thanks so much to all those travelling along with us and leaving lovely comments. Sorry I have no time to read or comment on other blogs but I’m sure you understand.


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Road Trip Day 5 – Falls, Fungi, Cabins and a Horse at the Bar

A delightful day walking in the area around Stowe – to Bingham Falls along the Mill Trail, discovering old cabins ( one where a blacksmith lived and left his beautiful handiwork around the building) and walking in, indeed surrounded by, leaves the colour of jewels.









And now to Rutland via Montpelier……..


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Road Trip Day 3 – Mountains, Bridges and and Waterfalls

Being five hours ahead of ourselves means that we wake up very early and can see the dawn – in the photo, rising between Thorn Mountain and Black Mountain.

After a walk to Jackson Falls this morning we did a drive to find more covered bridges and went into The White Mountain National Forest where the Autumn leaves were just spectacular – oohs and aahs around every corner. Another beautiful day! .










Off to Vermont tomorrow…….


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Road Trip Day 1 – Boston to Kennebunkport

So many new things! From the sunset over Boston last night, to the wonderful breakfast this morning, up the coast towards to Maine, stopping off to find Cape Neddick Lighthouse at York, going through some delightful small towns, seeing some signs of Autumn colours, finding interesting mailboxes ( I love American mailboxes!) and arriving in Kennebunkport in time to explore the town and having a fabulous Lobster meal for dinner. What a first day!










Off to Cape Elizabeth tomorrow for another lighthouse then Jackson in New Hampshire.


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Global Love Letters, Fallen Leaves and Spring

Global Love Letters come to Redruth

Global Love Letters come to Redruth

1  Today I discovered Global Love Letters, a beautiful movement to share love. I visited a small gallery in Redruth with an exhibition all about writing and sharing the words, writing your own message and sharing it, writing love letters anonymously to strangers and sharing the good feelings generated – and spreading this around the world. It is well worth looking at the website, and watching the videos. I sat at the desk and wrote my letter and left it behind to be found by a stranger. If you are local, the exhibition is worth a visit.

2   It has been very windy and leaves are already lying thick on the ground. Our Autumn colours are quite subdued but for the Virginia Creeper which I found in all its glory climbing up a wall in the side road near the gallery.

Fallen leaves

Fallen leaves

Glorious Virginia Creeper

Glorious Virginia Creeper in its Autumn colours

3   We’ve had a very productive afternoon clearing the vegetable boxes and planting shallots and garlic, trimming the Pittosporum hedge and mowing the lawn but my favourite job was planting another 40 bulbs in the walled garden outside the kitchen for colour next Spring.

40 bulbs planted

40 bulbs planted

Today and everyday, my posts are my love letters to you all, my lovely readers.


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Water Droplets, Wet Leaves and Singing

1   Walking back from town this afternoon, this wet grass caught my eye. I love how the droplets just cling on to the ends of the grass and catch the light.

Water droplets on grass

2   The fallen leaves were glossy with the earlier rain and glowed in the evening sunlight.

Golden leaves

3   Singing with Claire and The Inglehearts tonight was brilliant!  We are rehearsing our Christmas repertoire for Christmas gigs and for our first CD which we are recording soon.  There are some very beautiful arrangements where we sound like peals of bells.


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