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Syrup Sponge, Buttercups and William Morris

Yesterday I made two small syrup sponges, one for us and one for next door. B described his as nectar!

I received a beautiful gift this evening – a photograph of bright yellow buttercups – from an ex-pupil who later became a colleague and of whom I am immensely proud.  This was her message:  “On my walk this afternoon I came across these buttercups Sally, and for some reason I thought of you. I thought I must show these to Sally! So here they are.”

Buttercups from Natalie

William Morris was an author, artist and craftsman as well as a  committed political radical and today is the 183rd anniversary of his birth. I give you a print which he designed and a quotation that I love:

“I do not want art for a few any more than education for a few,
or freedom for a few.”


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International Day of Happiness, Flowers and The Sea

It is the International Day of Happiness and I wish you all the happiness that you seek. I have my good friend Valerie to thank for serendipitously giving me this quotation at the weekend.

I don’t believe there was ever anybody who loved being happy as much as I did. What I mean is that I was so acutely conscious of being happy, so appreciative of it; that I wasn’t ever bored, and was always and continuously grateful for the whole delicious loveliness of the world.”

Elizabeth von Arnim. Author of Elizabeth and her German Garden

My happiness is found in my family, with friends, in creating stuff, in singing and in nature – indeed in the “whole delicious loveliness of the world.”


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Sailor’s Barometer, Parking and A Maori Proverb

Last night we could see that a storm was on its way as the water in the Sailor’s Barometer was rising. We heard the winds in the night and there has been a hoolie blowing all day. This afternoon, the water in the Barometer had risen to the top and overflowed and we have Met Office weather warnings out for storms on Friday and Saturday so who knows what it will show tomorrow!



The tide was full in as I went to park on Exchequer Quay for singing this morning and the only space left was right at the front facing the river. I took this photo from inside my little VW Beetle. It felt almost too close for comfort!


A Blogger friend posted this Maori proverb today. I find it a little more light in the darkness. Thanks Lou Ann and KSBETH.

“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.”  ~  Maori proverb

Let us all turn to face the sun, together and in strength.


Text, Email and Arundhati Roy

There are no photos to go with the two best things of today – a delightful text from LiveWire No 1 asking when we can go back to Spain as she is missing us and later, an email from LiveWire No 2 saying how much he enjoyed our visit and hoping we had enjoyed his company too! These two are both eight years old and have made my day!

Listen to our world as she breathes. There is hope.on-a-quiet-day-i-can-hear-her-breathing


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Fathers, Brine and L R Knost

It was on this day in 2004 that my lovely Dad died and he has been in my mind and my heart more than usual today. The following cutting was found by my Mum many, many years ago and clearly made her think of her Father, my Grandfather, The Rev W R Richards, whom I knew for only a couple of years when we lived in the Vicarage in Cockerham, Lancashire with him and my Granny.dscn9591

If only – my lovely Dad was a very wise man.

The turkey is sitting in the brine I made yesterday. Isn’t it a beautiful colour?dscn9580

These words from L R Knost touched me.peace


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Sewing, Life and Today

It has been another wild day today though with less rain but it was definitely an indoors day so I made a bit more progress with my Mai Tei baby carrier. I had had hopes of making several but I’ve spent at least 6 hours on this one so far. Perhaps the next will be quicker as I will know what I am doing!

Straps on and the whole thing turned inside out ready for final stitching

Straps on and the whole thing turned inside out ready for final stitching

Straps on and the whole thing turned inside out ready for final stitching

Straps on and the whole thing turned inside out ready for final stitching

and Life…….

Life - we have just the one each

Life – we have just the one each

Today is ‘Send a card to a friend Day’  I’ve done that, in fact we have sent two.



David Bowie, Vegetables and A Pastry

“If you are sad today, just remember the world is over 4 billion years old and you somehow managed to exist at the same time as David Bowie” – Dean Podesta.  Thank you to my lovely SIL for sending me this today.

Sung by David Bowie, written by Eden Ahbez

Sung by David Bowie, written by Eden Ahbez

We stopped at the lovely market in Chacewater today. The vegetables there are so beautiful.

 We also bought a delicious Pain au Raisin to share.

Pain au Raisin

Pain au Raisin


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