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Connections, Wreath and An Owl

This appealed to me.

We have a new wreath on the front door. I couldn’t resist it for a number of reasons – one, it’s natural, two, it’s in suffragette colours and three, it was made by an artist friend from Fannie and Fox, the gallery where I have been selling my glass – couldn’t be better really!

Actually, it could! Just look at this wonderful owl decorating someone’s front door. I love it!  My maiden name is Wiseman and our family logo, an owl. I’d love to try this for next year!

Wow! Wol!



Cornish Flowers, Polish Tree and Raindrops

Our flowers for Christmas are locally grown Narcissi and Anemones. They smell divine and I just love that we can have these so early in the season, grown in Constantine.

Our fabric tree from Poland takes pride of place on our inner door, against the Victorian etched glass.

We walked down in the rain  to buy our newspaper today as there are no deliveries, it being Boxing Day. (Actually, I don’t think any shops should be open on Boxing Day. Two days is not a lot to ask.). The raindrops on the grass on the top of a Cornish hedge were glistening like strings of  jewels.



Covid Christmas, More Baking and Our Tree

Mince pies and our exchange of presents socially distant in the garden in the rain this morning. What a star our lovely neighbour is!

Savoury baking today, sausage rolls and cheesy angels!

I am delighted with our new ornament for the tree!


Truro Cathedral Three Ways

After breakfast with lovely friends we went shopping in Truro, a rare occurrence these days. We love the model of the Cathedral on the roundabout and would love to see it lit up at night.  Please note, the hedgehogs have gone into hibernation.

We parked on the top layer of the car-park and caught another view of the Cathedral just before a heavy shower.

Lastly, against a beautiful blue winter sky, from the middle of the city, a sunlit and glowing Cathedral.



Clock Tower, Rock and Jelly Babies

The lights are on in town. Here is our clock tower with its star.

Another rock from the wall we pass on our walk home.

Regular readers will know of my fondness for Jelly Babies, a rare and much appreciated treat!  I learned this weekend that Grace Dent, a radio and print journalist and food critic whose work I admire, has developed a  love of Jelly Babies during Lockdown.


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A Tree and A Bench

Forgive me for mentioning Christmas so early but we made a rare visit to Camborne today and the tree was going up, a lovely big pine. The thing that really caught me attention though was the Christmas bench which I found quite delightful.

An old bloke in the square called out to me, “‘Ee’s not real, my lover! The real one ‘ll be along dreckly!”



Nearly There, Christmas Wreath and Pudding

The Advent candle has burnt its way through December and we are now at Christmas Eve, nearly there and with excitement brewing in the LIveWires’ homes.

Advent candle

We were at the Gallery this morning for Christmas greetings and choccies! We passed a rather lovely wreath on the way back to the car park.

Christmas wreath in Penryn this morning

Rather than make lots of mince pies, it was easier to make a Galette Jalousie, not sure if you can see the gold lustre to make it festive!

Galette Jalousie


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Tree, Brining and Laughter

Friends have made their tree from offcuts of beautiful wood and allowed me to take a photo.

Today I have made the beautiful mixture for brining the turkey tomorrow.

Listening to the radio while I am writing this, I have just heard some words from e e cummings, a writer whose poetry I love but words that were both new to me and the philosophy the pair of us live by. We waste no days!


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Quirky Garden, Knitting and Trelissick


Rainbow, Truro and Cheese Biscuits

Just caught a rainbow this morning.

We were early into Truro this morning so the lights were not lit but they were welcoming.

The Redruth Carol Choir is coming along our road on Sunday so I have baked some appropriate cheesy biscuits to offer with next door’s mulled wine as some refreshment and reward for their efforts..



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