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Window, Cake and An Angel

Last night, walking through Newlyn we spotted this lovely and dramatic stained glass window set into a shiny black front door.

We made Chocolate Beetroot Cake today to share with friends, enough mixture left over for little buns with cream cheese icing and crystallised beetroot hearts on top.

Today is the birthday of one of our Ukrainian friends, Danylo, and this little angel in the colours of Ukraine with a sunflower for its decoration is here for him. Happy birthday, Danylo. .


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Angels, Sea Glass and Drawers

I’ve worked on my Angels for Ukraine again today and experimented with sea glass for the heads of the smaller ones. I like the way they are not round like the glass beads I usually use. I think they show character!

The tall drawers that I keep all my materials in are very lovely, highly lacquered and painted with lilies.



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Narcissi, Tulips and Magnolia

We have a lovely blue and yellow pot of grape hyacinths and scented narcissi – they are so lovely to put one’s nose into!

The tulips are flowering several weeks early.

After getting our boosters (4th vaccinations) we called in at a local garden to see the magnolias blossoms, just glorious.

top of a tree


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