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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

The hue of me? I’m blues and greens – seas and skies, leaves and fields……. and fabrics and beads….

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Delicate Cyclamen, Vanilla Flowers and Grand-Baby Talking

1     I love the way the beautiful white cyclamen fold their delicate petals back and survive despite the cold winds. They are part of my purple, white and green garden honouring the Suffragettes.

White Cyclamen

White Cyclamen

2   The pretty little Vanilla Flowers are doing well too; they’ve been in flower for months.

Tiny Vanilla Flowers

Tiny Vanilla Flowers

3   We spoke to J and T today on the phone. J, just four,  is sounding so grown-up and T, 20 months, said, “Hello Granny” and “Hello Grand-grand” for the first time!


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Beautiful Green Things (Weekly photo challenge)


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Lovers’ Lane, Evening Sky and Green (Weekly photo challenge) and a P.S.

1   Just down the road from us is a path we can take to town, called Lovers’ Lane. That name pleases me.

Lovers’ Lane

2 A beautiful sky tonight.

Evening sky

3   There are so many beautiful shades of green and so many beautiful names for those colours – jade, turquoise, chartreuse, emerald, aquamarine, beryl, pea, olive, malachite, moss, and lime….

P.S. I don’t comment on news, politics or religion in this blog (and those who know me know that in real life I do that all the time!) but tonight I just want to say how my heart goes out to all those Egyptian families who have lost a child or maybe more than one in that terrible coach/train accident. I don’t have many readers of my blog in Egypt but I want to send love from one parent to another, to send love and strength for coping with this, to just tell you how my heart aches for you all.


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Father’s Day, Purple and Singing ‘Soldier’s Farewell’

1    Lovely cards and phone calls today for Mr S and my dear Dad (1916-2004) in my head all day.

2    Purple is one of my favourite colours (along with green – which with white, makes up the Suffragette colours, of which more in another post) Do click on the photo to see the furriness of the centre section, it’s so beautiful!

What’s left when the poppy petals have all dropped

Beautiful French Lavender

I wish you could smell this as well as see it – so lovely.

3   Singing tonight with the Treggies blew a touch of the blues away! We laugh, we sing and we sometimes cry! One song, ‘The Soldier’s Farewell’ is particularly moving and was, apparently, also sung by Cornish tin miners on the station as they were about to emigrate and leave their families far behind.


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