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Daffodils, Decorations and Deer

We were given Daffodils before Christmas and they are still beautiful.

Two of our LiveWires arrived tonight. I found the little Christmas stirrers for their drinks.

I was at the hospital this evening for an MRI on my ankles- the lovely young people were working all evening – and outside the block were a Christmas tree and some charming reindeer.


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Christmas Clings, Stockings and Bookmark

Posting early today as the terrific storms in the South West mean no trains from Bristol (The lines are flooded in a couple of places) for our family arrivals from Barcelona so we are off to pick them up.

1   I’ve put the Christmas clings, sent to me from the US by my good blogging friend Marilyn, on the window in the children’s room so that when they open the curtains on 27th (they’re arriving past bedtime on Boxing Day) they will discover them!

Christmas clings

Christmas clings

2   Parcels are gathering under the tree; two stockings are all prepared!

Stockings ready to go to the end of the bed!

Stockings ready to go to the end of the bed!

3   Bookmark for the lovely Mr S’s stocking

George Sand's wise words

George Sand’s wise words


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Choir-Baby, More Angels and A Pair of Seagulls

1    Choir-baby T, in her Christmas party tu-tu, is happy to be cuddled at the splendid Christmas lunch put on for us by the lovely staff at Miss Peapod’s cafe.

Choir-baby T at the Christmas lunch with a good friend

Choir-baby T at the Christmas lunch with a good friend

2    Outside the cafe were these gorgeous, somewhat unconventional Angels.

Flying Angel at Miss Peapod's

Flying Angel at Miss Peapod’s

Cycling Angel at Miss Peapod's

Cycling Angel at Miss Peapod’s

Angel with a pasty

Angel with a pasty

3 It was quiet and still in Falmouth after yet another very wild night.

Seagulls in a blue dinghy

Seagulls in a blue dinghy


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Beautiful Green Things (Weekly photo challenge)


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Flowers, A Treat and Toys on the Stairs

1   Heavy rain all night and I went out first thing to take these gorgeous photos of raindrops. Click to enlarge.

Raindrops on a poppy bud about to open

Raindrops on a poppy

Fallen sepal with raindrops. This is my favourite today.

2    Today, Lucy and I used our Christmas present vouchers from KJ to have a massage each at St Michael’s Spa in Falmouth – beautiful smells and a great sense of relaxation.

St Michael’s Spa, Falmouth

3   While I was out, Mr S put the baby gates, the fireguard and the buggy back in the attic but he left the toys and the wet-suit that stay here on the stairs for me to see as I came in. Beautiful!

Toys and a wet-suit waiting to go upstairs until the next visit


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