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More From Our Holiday in India – Agra Fort

Agra Fort was thronging with people enjoying a day out on a Festival day. You can click on any photo for a bigger version to see the beautiful detail.



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22nd October – Train Ride, Festival Flowers and Immodium

1. We had a brilliant train journey from Agra to Jhansi, two and a half hours watching the changing landscapes. The stations were quite an experience, so very busy and full of wonderful smiley, helpful people.

2. There was a festival going on in Orchha and we moved among the crowds observing rituals and feeling very privileged to be allowed to do so. There were lots of flowers, mostly marigolds being made into small bunches for offerings to the Gods. Again we were of interest to passers by. Look at those beautiful smiles!

3. Immodium. It works. Enough said.







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21st October – The Taj Mahal, The Red Fort and A Marvellous Massage

1. The Taj Mahal was so beautiful I can’t begin to tell you. On first glimpse my eyes just filled with tears, it just takes one’s breath away. This stunningly beautiful place was built by Shahjahan as a mausoleum for his Most Beloved Wife. What a gift of love.

2 It being Sunday there were families out in all their finery enjoying a day out together. Everywhere we passed beautiful families. We met one lovely family who wanted their photo taken with me when we were at the Red Fort. The Mother and I had smiled at each other several times as we had met around the site and then she stopped and asked if I would have my picture taken with them. She then put her hands on each side of my face and said, “Beautiful beautiful!” which was so lovely as to me they were the beautiful ones.

3. Late this afternoon I had the best massage ever and now feel relaxed and revived after three very busy days. By the time I came out it was dark and I got this photo of the steps down to the pool and the stone elephants.





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20th October – School Slogan, Peacocks on Pylons and Royal Dining

1. There were lots of school parties visiting Humayun’s Tomb. On the back of the polo shirts the Indian youngsters were wearing were the words ” Learn Work Play Think Live” which I think are brilliant words!

2. As we were on the five hour drive from Delhi to Agra, we went though miles and miles of similar countryside. We were delighted to see so many peacocks, many of them perching on pylons. Mr S was lucky enough to see one flying!

3. Dinner tonight was Royal Dining! There were 10 small dishes to share, (we chose the vegetarian option) each absolutely delicious – indeed, a mouth watering feast.





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