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No Photos Today-Just a Haiku Word Picture of 5 Hours on the Train Through English Countryside From Cornwall to London

Landscape passing by,
Fields of green, hedges darker,
Emerald, olive.

Truro Cathedral-
Memories of being met,
Happy growing up.

Pale golden stubble,
Swiss rolls of hay, verdant fields,
Ploughed furrows.

Bell towers and spires,
Steeples, centre of village,
Places of worship.

Dead tree in a field,
Grey limbed branches reaching out
Solitary sculpture.

Michaelmas daisies
Pale blue hydrangea blossoms,
Last gasps of Summer.

White fluffy hedgerows,
Old Man’s Beard, Ragged Robin,
Red Autumn berries.

Riotous rugby,
Children’s playgrounds,old folks’ bowls,
All entertaining.

Coat-wearing horses,
Skipping goats and countless cows,
Deer with white bottoms.

Saltash in Cornwall
Platform too short for the train,
One door will open!

Yachts lined into tide,
Navy ships in for service,
Dinghies floating by.

Dawlish and Teignmouth,
Red cliffs and sunlight on waves,
Last views of the sea.

Free Pussy Riot!
Big graffiti on small bridge
In shocking pink paint.

Powderham Castle,
Thatched cottages, brick builds,
All homes of people.

Exeter Station,
Blue plaque to Royal Marine,
Killed, Afghanistan.

Many flooded fields,
Swollen over-full rivers,
Tumbling waterfalls.

Black faced sheep, shorn sheep,
Very white, exposed to all.
Unkind at end of Summer!

Westbury white horse
Carved into chalk hillside,
Been there for ever.

Penultimate stop-
Reading. London Paddington
Conurbation next.

Wonderful journey,
Observing lush countryside,
Composing Haiku!

Thank you for reading my Haiku journey!


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Beach Wedding, Sweet Pea Posy and Potatoes

1   The Wedding was absolutely beautiful! The sun shone, the couple were radiant and the tide stayed out! After the very moving Ceremony, I managed to snatch a couple of photos.

The newly married couple

Called for the formal photos

Dress from behind

These lovely words were read by the Groom’s Mum. It is called ‘Beauty of Love’

The question is asked: ‘Is there anything more beautiful in life than a young couple clasping hands and pure hearts in the path of marriage? Can there be anything more beautiful than young love?’ And the answer is given: ‘Yes, there is a more beautiful thing. It is the spectacle of an old man and an old woman finishing their journey together on that path. Their hands are gnarled but still clasped; their faces are seamed but still radiant; their hearts are physically bowed and tired but still strong with love and devotion. Yes, there is a more beautiful thing than young love. Old love.

2   Last night I was given this highly scented and very pretty posy of sweet peas. Thank you, Brenda! (and also for the pheasant which we will so enjoy on our return from babysitting in London.)

Present of a Posy

3   This afternoon has been spent in the beautifully sunny garden doing tidying up Autumny jobs – another picking of beans and the container grown Christmas Day potatoes needed earthing up.

Christmas potatoes ready for earthing up


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Wedding Rehearsal, Cornish Ice-cream and Email

1    The rehearsal for tomorrow’s Wedding Ceremony went off really well. We are planning for it to be on the beach even if it rains! We did the run-through indoors today as the tide was too far up!

The beautiful beach where the Wedding will take place.

2    There was a Kelly’s Ice-cream van on the cliffs when I went back to check out access to the beach later. I can never resist one of their ice-creams, one of the best in Cornwall!

Kelly’s Cornish ice-cream

3   Since meeting the poet, John Siddique, a few years ago at a local Readers’ Day, I’ve been getting his newsletter so I though I’d tell him about yesterday’s post. He wrote back a lovely email today, thanking me.


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Syncopation, Baby Naming and ‘Making it up”

1    A brilliant singing session where we had to work really hard with some tricky notes and syncopation and then a lovely coffee session with friends in the cafe downstairs.

2    Spent a happy hour with L, Choir-baby T’s Mum, planning  his Humanist Baby Naming. He slept throughout and woke just as we finished.

Choir-baby T

3    The following poem by John Siddique, a particular favourite of mine which I give to parents of new babies, is probably going to be included.


Fold yourself the mind you want.

Make a paper hat

and wear it on your head. Hold it tight

when the wind blows.

Paint yourself the heart you desire. Pin it

on your jumper, be proud of your colours.

Pin it fast and don’t mind the rain.

Write yourself the love you love. Hold that

paper tight in your hand. Unfold it often,

read your plan aloud in sun and in snow.

Walk yourself the world you want. Each step

is breath. It’s your life. Stamp big-footed.

Walk soft. Dance your way in all the weathers.

John Siddique

NB  I posted this yesterday, 27th September, and had some likes and comments but it has since disappeared and shows now only as a draft with no tags/ categories so I’m publishing it again. Just found that it has already been published twice on my Facebook page – all very odd!


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Together, Rain Resilient Flowers and Wedding Words

1   A beautiful quiet day at home together, catching up with ourselves after a hectic few weeks!

2   A look around the garden shows some flowers which have just about managed to survive the stormy rain that fell while we were away.

Calianthus Gladiolus


Japanese Anenome

3   I’ve printed out the Wedding Ceremony that I’m conducting on Saturday. The whole ceremony, to be held on the beach if the weather allows, is going to be so beautiful.


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A Old Friend, The Kindness of Strangers and Clouds in Cornwall

1   A beautiful thing – Kanu, an old friend of D’s, took time out of his day today to come to the train station especially to meet us, the parents of his much loved friend. It was lovely to meet him.

2   The train to the airport was running so late we were in danger of missing our flight. A young woman also waiting to get to the airport had called her friend and asked him to drive her there and she had overheard our concerned conversations about missing the flight. This lovely couple, strangers to us all, invited us to have a lift with them and so we made the flights in good time. They probably won’t ever read this but, just in case or in case some one who does know them reads this  – thank you so much, Jody from Dublin and Mark from Barcelona, for your kindness to strangers.

Jody and Mark

3   Driving home through Devon and into Cornwall, the skies grew ever more threatening and then, fleetingly, this lovely formation as the blue reappeared.

Beautiful clouds as we drove into Cornwall


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Shopping, La Carriga and Cooking Lessons

1. A took us shopping today to a Chinese bazaar and a Moroccan food store. Much later in the afternoon we also went to a Spanish supermarket. I love shops from other cultures with their beautiful, vibrant displays. The lovely lady in the Chinese shop gave us each a fan as it has been a very, very hot day of about 30*She could see that I was melting in the heat!





2. A short train ride took us to La Carriga, a very pretty little town with some very interesting features: a ‘telescope’ with a picture show inside of photos of the old town, just in front of the building itself, a beautiful Biloba tree in a small green with a delightful sign nearby asking us not to tread on the flowers, small markers in the ground that showed where bombs fell in the Spanish Civil War,a lovely tile bread shop sign and two piggies on the door handles of the all-things-pork shop.
When we arrived back in Granollers, the lovely train guard held the train up for several minutes as he could see a family rushing to catch it!

My photos are not all in the right order as I am learning how to do these posts on my iPad and it’s not as editable as the usual way! I’m sure you’ll find your way around!

3. Today I have learned to cook with A. First we made Potato Beignets which A learned to make from her brother’s Mother in Law, last week when she visited her brother in Italy and tonight we have made a scrumptious Senegalese marinated tuna dish.















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Segrada Familia, Street Art and Festival

1. Tha Segrada Familia is an amazing building that seems not to have been designed but to have grown out of the earth. Gaudi drew beautiful organic designs and the Cathedral resembles a forest of trees with the light shining through. It is very beautiful in a very unconventional way.
It was full of people in almost every corner and then we came upon this little girl apparently all alone and whimpering. However, we realised that she was taking a photo of her parents who were completely out of our sight and she clearly felt that she was too far away from them.
Solitary child

Inside the Sagrada Familia









2. Some lovely street art, from tile work to graffiti follows.





3. It was a festival day in Barcelona and the streets were packed with entertainers and people enjoying themselves. There was a choir that moved me greatly, about150 of them, a water play park for children, balloons and a card man. Look carefully at his photo. He was carrying a baize card table and was inviting people of different languages to play a simple card game together. He wanted to show that people can get on and have fun together without sharing language or culture.



A solitary lost balloon


The card man


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Cafe Touba, Spanish Street Life and A Senegalese Supper

1. A beautiful breakfast of croissants with Spanish ham and Cafe Touba, the smell and taste of which took me straight back to Senegal and our breakfasts in the outdoors dining area. This morning was also full of conversations using English, French and Wolof!

2. D had to work this morning so A took us for a stroll around Granollers, meeting him after his teaching session. We waited outside the school and watched the world go by, families, a man with a tree, a woman hurrying by with a cake, and round the corner, a wedding with explosive confetti and an amazingly long Limousine.







3. A cooked us a beautiful Senegalese chicken dish called Yassa which was utterly delicious and which again took us back to Senegal and our fabulous time there in April for the wedding.



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Message on a Van, Sunset and Meeting

1 As we drove up to Bristol to get the plane to Barcelona we followed a van which had the following message on it, written in the dust on the back, “Drink up your cider, Sally!” That amused us!

2 The sunset from the plane was beautiful.

3 Meeting Daniel and Ami in balmy Barcelona, hugs and grins all round!




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