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Posy, Flags and Wisteria

We visited a friend today and took our first Sweet Peas as a small posy.

It’s pleasing to see that the council are flying the flag for Ukraine. My heart goes out to Ukraine and her people.

Our beautiful Wisteria is nearing its end and is being battered by the wild winds we have at the moment.It has been quite magnificent and has been in flower for over three weeks.


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A Bench, A Bouquet and Peace

For years we have wondered about having somewhere to commemorate my Mum and Dad and have thought that a bench near Gwennap Church where Dad found his inspiration for his best seller, “Jeremy Visick” would be just perfect. The stream that runs by is mentioned in the story too and the place really is special to all the family. Today, with the blessing of the Vicar, we met the Church warden to discuss how this can happen and where to site the bench – just to the right of the one that is there already.  So delighted that this project is finally going to happen. I’ll keep you informed as things progress.

A friend sent a message today to say that in her clearing out she has found some single earrings and can I use them in my glass projects? Yes, I can! I’ve left a little bunch of sweet peas on the doorstep in exchange.

The following words seem right in these strange and discombobulating times. I have posted them before, some four years ago.



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Pinks, Purple and Oranges


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Sunset, Jewel Colours and More

Sunset two nights ago was glorious. I took this at 10.05pm and even as night fell there was an orange haze at the horizon that lasted such a long time.

One of our walks takes us past a fabulously coloured Hydrangea.

Our Sweet Peas are also fabulous.


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Six on Saturday – Planting for Perfume

I was inspired by a blogging friend, Ute, to blog about the scents in our garden. I always want plants to give me more than one thing – colour, scent, texture, flowers, berries and we have lots that have scent as their first attribute. The main scented flowers are just outside the kitchen and along the steps up to the garden.

1. Heliotrope – also known as Cherry Pie because that is the scent.

2. Lavender – you’ll all know this one

3. Nemesia – smells of vanilla, a favourite of mine.

4. Sweet Peas  – smell of honey

5.  Dianthus – a sweet clove scent

6. Night scented Stock, a favourite from my childhood and a perfume know as Night Flowers to Daughter No 2 who in toddlerhood would wake up in the night. She was taken out to smell the Night Flowers and would then settle.

and there are all the herbs which are lovely to brush by – Sage, Rosemary, Mint and various Thymes, from next door’s garden, Jasmine and from a bit further away, the gorgeous smell of newly cut grass.

To read about lots of other gardeners and their gardens from all over the world, visit The Propagator who hosts the Six on Saturday.


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Gift, Lily and Dessert

I met friends as I drove into the car park for singing this morning and I was presented with a stunning little bunch of purple Sweet Peas. To keep them safe in the heat of the morning, I parked in the shade and put them in the little vase that all Beetles have (and where I usually keep a silk daisy) and here they are.

Our Lilies are opening and they are fabulous!


We were given some Rhubarb the other day, by the same lovely friends,  and today I made Different Every Time Pudding and added some blueberries. It was scrumptious, of course!



Pudding, Planting and Poo

Yesterday I heard  a recipe described on Radio 4 and decided it would make a treat for while Daughter No 3 was with us. It was designed to make use of left-over Easter eggs, something that never happened in our house! However, I did have some white chocolate in and some cream along with some frozen cherries and raspberries. So here it is – and very scrumptious it was too.

Frozen fruit with a warm white chocolate ganache

I have planted the Sweet Peas today in a pot with lovely curvy canes tied up into a tepee shape.

Sweet peas planted up

The Sweet Pea tepee is to the left at the top of the steps

We  have a Hedgehog or maybe two!

Hedgehog poo!


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More Onondaga Thanks, A Gift and Imminent Arrival

Lovely friends left us a beautiful bunch of Sweet Peas in the porch and they filled the space with that very special scent that they have. Thank you D&R.

Sweet Peas from D&R’s garden

The first contingent of family should be here within the hour. They were expected at 6pm but first the plane from Barcelona was delayed and since then traffic has been a problem. Not long to wait now………


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Little Bouquet, Hydrangea and Visa Success

We went to visit a friend who has recently joined the Hippie Club, having had his hip replaced a couple of weeks ago. We took a little bunch of Sweet Peas with some Pittosporum from our garden.

Sweet peas

In their garden is a beautiful blue-flowered Hydrangea bush.

Blue flowers

Blue Hydrangea

We came home to the excellent news that our Senegalese family have been granted their Visitors’ Visas and so can come to our Golden Wedding Celebrations in August! We will have all 15 of the family here! You probably wouldn’t believe the intrusive hoops we have to jump through for their Visas to be granted for a 10 day visit – our income, how many rooms in our house to accommodate the family, our itinerary, our passport details, our driving licences………


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Live Wires, Neighbourhood Baby and Perfume

Happy days! Our Live Wires arrived just in time for tea and here I caught them, just after bath-time trying to catch a glimpse of ‘our’ foal.DSCN4135 DSCN4141

I wish I could share with you the perfume on our little back patio which is planted up with Nicotiana, Night Scented Stock and Sweet Peas that have almost reached the top of the arch.



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