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Snail, Elephant and Megruli Nana

1   Somehow a snail found his way into our sun room. I love the little white dashes on his neck but was concerned to see that his shell seems to be cracked. I helped him out into the back field.

Visiting snail

2   My beloved wooden elephant got a polish today. I fell for him many years ago in a flea market, paid rather too much for him and had to go home to fetch Mr S to carry him home as he’s far too heavy for me.

My Elephant

3   The school where we normally meet for choir being closed, we met in Treslothnan Church and had a brilliant sing. The acoustics are lovely. The beautiful thing was one piece especially that we are learning, Megruli Nana, a lullaby from Samagreto, West Georgia and it is absolutely stunning. Listen to this version I have found on Youtube…..Megruli nana  It will be brilliant when we’ve finished learning it.


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