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Near and Far, Startling Beauty and Falmouth Art Gallery

1  After a super singing session, I met Mr S and P and we went to Falmouth, quite delightful in the sunshine.

Near and Far – from Pendennis Point over to St Mawes

2   Near Gylly Beach are these amazing flowers! I have never seen anything like them and don’t know what they are. Does anyone?

Whatever is this beautiful flower?

Close up

Lots of them

3   The Art Gallery in Falmouth is free and houses one of my favourite paintings –

Study for The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse 1894

Study for The Lady of Shalott – information

The gallery hosts lots of workshops for children and families. The resulting paintings are professionally framed and hung which absolutely delights me – respect for all art whoever has created it.

Paintings by Falmouth children

A couple of bonus photos today of our beautiful Choir-babies:

Choir Baby E with her Mum

Choir Baby T with his Mum


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