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Syncopation, Baby Naming and ‘Making it up”

1    A brilliant singing session where we had to work really hard with some tricky notes and syncopation and then a lovely coffee session with friends in the cafe downstairs.

2    Spent a happy hour with L, Choir-baby T’s Mum, planning  his Humanist Baby Naming. He slept throughout and woke just as we finished.

Choir-baby T

3    The following poem by John Siddique, a particular favourite of mine which I give to parents of new babies, is probably going to be included.


Fold yourself the mind you want.

Make a paper hat

and wear it on your head. Hold it tight

when the wind blows.

Paint yourself the heart you desire. Pin it

on your jumper, be proud of your colours.

Pin it fast and don’t mind the rain.

Write yourself the love you love. Hold that

paper tight in your hand. Unfold it often,

read your plan aloud in sun and in snow.

Walk yourself the world you want. Each step

is breath. It’s your life. Stamp big-footed.

Walk soft. Dance your way in all the weathers.

John Siddique

NB  I posted this yesterday, 27th September, and had some likes and comments but it has since disappeared and shows now only as a draft with no tags/ categories so I’m publishing it again. Just found that it has already been published twice on my Facebook page – all very odd!


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