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A Good Story, Polish Spirit and Kashmir Lilies

1   No photo for this but a heart warming story for you.  The 19 year old son of one of our choir members has been travelling in Europe and lost his iPhone when in Berlin.  His mother received a call from a Turkish man, also travelling, saying, ‘ I am ringing the number of Mum to tell you I have found a phone.’ He explained that he was leaving Berlin the next day but could arrange to meet the son that evening. His Mum had no way to contact him so this couldn’t happen.  The lovely Turkish man asked for the UK address, took the phone home with him and then posted it to England! Now, isn’t that a beautiful thing?

2   As P has left for Poland I have collected a Clematis that we had on order for my purple, white and green garden and the lovely Mr S has planted it this afternoon. It is called Polish Spirit.

Polish Spirit

3   The Kashmir Lilies in the garden are in bloom and there should be flowers throughout the Autumn and into Winter. They are very beautiful.

Kashmir Lily, pale pink

Kashmir Lily

If you have read any of yesterday’s comments, you’ll see I was admonished for my portrayal of a Cornish Cream Tea! The cream goes on top of the jam in Cornwall; the other way is done in Devon! My excuse is that the freezer jam had gone very runny and the cream wouldn’t stay on top so I did it this way. Here is the proper thing and I hope I am forgiven!

A scone done the proper Cornish way!

Please forgive too me for not having visited fellow bloggers much recently. As you know we’ve been busy with family and tomorrow we go to visit D&A in Barcelona. I’ll try to post each day and will be back soon to visit you all!  🙂


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