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A Old Friend, The Kindness of Strangers and Clouds in Cornwall

1   A beautiful thing – Kanu, an old friend of D’s, took time out of his day today to come to the train station especially to meet us, the parents of his much loved friend. It was lovely to meet him.

2   The train to the airport was running so late we were in danger of missing our flight. A young woman also waiting to get to the airport had called her friend and asked him to drive her there and she had overheard our concerned conversations about missing the flight. This lovely couple, strangers to us all, invited us to have a lift with them and so we made the flights in good time. They probably won’t ever read this but, just in case or in case some one who does know them reads this  – thank you so much, Jody from Dublin and Mark from Barcelona, for your kindness to strangers.

Jody and Mark

3   Driving home through Devon and into Cornwall, the skies grew ever more threatening and then, fleetingly, this lovely formation as the blue reappeared.

Beautiful clouds as we drove into Cornwall


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