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Cornish Mists, Precious Books and Pressed Flowers

1   We are promised four days of Summer starting tomorrow but today is a typical Autumn day, full  “of mists and mellow fruitfulness”  (From John Keats’ poem, To Autumn, 1820:)

Mist droplets on a web

Horses in the mist and a rabbit running away

2   I spent this damp day doing more sorting. If you’ve been following long, you’ll know that constant but gradual ‘de-cluttering’ of things I inherited is happening at our house!  Today it was a bookshelf where I found some beautiful books which have gone straight back onto the shelves! Just look at these…..

The Fern World, published 1877.

Just look at that beautiful lettering!

Fronds unfurling – plate

Fronds unfurling -index to plate

Plate Four

Plate Four info

Published by the Great Western Railway in 1923

I travelled on some of those branch lines, pre Beeching.

I’m saving another treasure for another day. It is so lovely to handle these books knowing they were also loved by my Mum and Dad.

3   Pressed in a Diary and long forgotten, I discovered some beautiful pressed flowers. I picked all these in our garden the day we moved back to Cornwall mid January 2008. I am thrilled by the retention of colour in the primrose, the crocus, the snowdrop, the tiny blue flower and the greenery.

Beautiful flowers pressed January 2008


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