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Sunshine, A View and Supper

After all the rain last night, suddenly the sun came up and lit up the Choisya blooms so brightly.

There was a lovely view across to St Euny on our walk today.

Tonight’s supper was a Sweet Potato and Spinach Curry – scrumptious.


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Nasturtiums, Calianthus and Cake

Steady rain all day so these photos are from indoors and taken on a long zoom. The Nasturtiums have crept over the wall from next door and are a very welcome splash of colour in a dark corner.

I do love how drips collect on stems and flowers.

It will be our Annual Concert tomorrow evening with a visiting choir with whom we will do a workshop, then share a buffet supper before the doors are opened to our audience. My contribution to the buffet is a delicious dessert, Tunisian Almond and Orange Cake . You can find the recipe here

Tunisian Almond and Orange Cake


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Light Tree, Cake and Perthi Kov Reunion

I had a brainwave today about where to put our light-balls.

Light balls on white tree

I made a Coffee and Pecan Cake for our Perthi Kov reunion today, the plan being to have tea and  cake and to share ideas about the whole experience.

For our Until the Day Break Tea Party

Coffee and Pecan Cake

St Euny Church was buzzing again this afternoon as people met friends, old and newly made during the production, and shared reminiscences. Click on any photo for a larger version. One of the gang has made a beautiful Memory book which has inspired others to do the same.


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Last Night and Finale

What a night! One hundred and fifty people have given their all to make this production a roaring success! Everybody has loved it –  the wonderful volunteers who have made the whole thing magical and have relished being involved and audiences who have loved the emotional journey they have been taken on while learning about their local history. Here are a few photos of the finale that involved every cast member. Thank you, all of you!

And what made today even more special? Our eldest daughter came to see it, this afternoon and was blown away by it all and told me, with a big hug, how proud she is of me! That was really something as I’m sure you will understand.




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We said Goodbye to Bill Today

Hundreds and hundreds of people came today to say goodbye to a much loved man. There was music and laughter, there were stories and tears, there were memories and tributes and there was an abundance of love. People met in the park, marched to a Cornish band up to the house where Bill was collected in his jewel like coffin and carried to the Church in the lee of Carn Brea, all accompanied by the band and a very lovely choir.  The WildWake was in a marquee by the beach in a howling gale where the musicians continued to play and the laughter and tears continued to flow and a marvellous shared supper was enjoyed.  I have been encouraged by Sue to show you the beautiful coffin, covered in paintings done by Bill’s friends, by Sue and one of Bill’s own pieces and to share the amazing procession with you.


Our memories of our lovely neighbour –


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Graveyard Stomp, Yellow Lane and White Primroses

Our project, Until the day Break, stories from the graveyard, moves on apace. On Sunday we had the most amazing afternoon with people who came to find out more and to volunteer as actors, makers, helpers and more and goodness, there was some talent in the room. It was wonderful to hear our stories being brought to life.  This morning Sue and I stomped around St Euny Graveyard with a journalist, Kirstie,  from the magazine Cornwall Today. We told her about the project and about our excitement that it is coming together. She is going to write an article about it all for the May edition.




One of our Perthi Kov crew just happened to be riding by and came up the lane to meet us all.


After that windblown adventure, I went for lunch with some lovely friends. I just had to stop on one of the lanes to take this photo to show you the daffodils. There was no traffic about!

DSCN0486 2

In lovely Sue-next-door’s garden there are some very pretty white Primroses.



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Leaf Ghosts, A New Hat and Singing

We collected leaves yesterday when we were in Trelissick and today we have made them into ghosts to decorate for Hallowe’en.

Over the last couple of days I have made a new hat for Live Wire T from a kit I just couldn’t leave in the shop.

Tonight we went singing in the rain to try out our voices in the graveyard at St Euny for our project. It was brilliant – a wonderful crew not dismayed by the weather, lovely singing and amazing acoustics. I found it really moving.


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St Euny Church in Redruth

We walked around the Churchyard today and visited inside the Church for the first time. The stained glass on the door, done by Julie Shedd,  was just lovely and the beautiful railings around the bell tower were made by a blacksmith called Lisa Harrison who trades as Smythick Forge. It was such a pleasure and a surprise to find such beautiful modern art work inside the Church. The doors are so welcoming to those entering the Church and so perfect for the Mining Church of Redruth.

Stained glass window by Julie Shedd

Stained glass window by Julie Shedd

Part of the gates made by Lisa Harrison.

Part of the gates made by Lisa Harrison.

A gravestone

A gravestone


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Hollow Tree, Lichen and Snowdrops

We thought our short walk today was going to be level but it is very interesting that when you are on crutches, the places you thought were easy and flat are in fact on an incline! We went along Church Lane from St Euny Church, the start of one of our favourite walks.
I wondered what might live in the hollow tree.

Occasional sunbeams lit up the lichen on the gravestones.

There were several clumps of snowdrops among the stones, lovely signs of Spring.



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Walk to St Euny Church

The sun came out this afternoon so, to build my strength back up, we went for a short walk along to St Euny Church. There we discovered that the Redruth Team Ministry have been very busy and have put up some fascinating information boards about the history of the Church and the local area. Do click on the board in the gallery and read about trepanning by highly skilled local surgeons in the late 1700’s and the miners who walked home after such a traumatic experience!
The Primroses, Wild Garlic and the Bluebells were all in flower as were the Cherry tree and many Azaleas. It was a beautiful stroll and I feel the better for it.   On the way up the lane, we spotted a delightful summer house through the hedge where a tree has been cut down since we were last there.   Click on any photo for an enlargement.

Just published another poem in the Poetry section,’ Just The Intensive Care Baby Unit’



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