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Mining Memorial Sunday and A Cosy Afternoon

We didn’t do the Pilgrimage from Wheal Bassett Stamp House to Wheal Euny and down to the Church  but waited in the mizzle at St Euny Church for the singers and walkers. The rain was such that the rest of the event, some scheduled for outdoors, was all moved into the Church. Mining Memorial Sunday is to recognise the history and the importance of our town and surrounding areas in the mining of tin and copper and to give thanks. Perthi Kov, our small theatre company who put together ‘Until the Day Break’ (lots of information elsewhere in my blog) were asked if any of our characters would like to reprise their story telling to help bring the history alive. Three of those stories which involved miners taking their skills abroad were retold and were very well received:  Mary Angove Gill whose story I researched and wrote, J W Goldsworthy, whose story I researched and a colleague wrote and Catherine Tonkin Burrowes and one of our singers reprised the final song which the congregation joined in with. It was a very moving service followed by Cornish Pasties and a Cream Tea!

Jeannette, Mandy, Florence and Keith

We liked the final hymn which we hadn’t heard before, the last verse in Cornish being sung with particular gusto!

The final hymn

After getting thoroughly wet, though not as wet as the walkers, and then chilled in the Church, we have spent the afternoon cosied up in the sitting room, stuck into our books. I am re-reading The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley – just as good this time around.


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St Euny, Ribbons and Linda Pastan

Another trip to St Euny to measure up four graves which are to be marked by ribbons and then a trip to the ribbon shop! I love The Sewing Studio in Redruth!

I came across this poem for the first time recently and it caught my fancy. Let’s live every day as if it were our first and it fills us with astonishment at the beauty all around us.

Imaginary Conversation – Linda Pastan

You tell me to live each day
as if it were my last. This is in the kitchen
where before coffee I complain
of the day ahead—that obstacle race
of minutes and hours,
grocery stores and doctors.

But why the last? I ask. Why not
live each day as if it were the first—
all raw astonishment, Eve rubbing
her eyes awake that first morning,
the sun coming up
like an ingénue in the east?

You grind the coffee
with the small roar of a mind
trying to clear itself. I set
the table, glance out the window
where dew has baptized every
living surface.


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‘Until the Day Break’ by Perthi Kov May 18th -21st

It has been another day full of the theatrical project, ‘Until the Day Break’  so here are a few images  of today – photos for the exhibition and tonight’s production team walkabout in the St Euny graveyards.


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Catkins, Crafting and Advice

There are just a few catkins left on the Corkscrew Hazel in our neighbours’ garden.

We were at the Children’s Centre again today, working with the young Mums on an installation for the St Euny project. They are making memory boxes telling of current lives to complement the stories of past lives we are telling in ‘Until the Day Break’. These two boxes are still unfinished but looking quite beautiful already. There was a lovely happy atmosphere all afternoon.

I loved this advice for parents hanging in the centre.


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Grandparents, Research and Kindness

Being a Grandparent is a very special privilege. Thanks to a lovely friend also lucky enough to have the privilege for sending me this alphabet. grandparents-from-hilary

I have spent much of this week researching and writing for our project, Until the Day Break, and there are no photos to be had today.14708352_187894228323675_6685479087297589056_n I am still in conversation with WordPress.Ah, kindness


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Soup, Lampshade and Fish

Delicious Sweet Potato soup for lunch:

Perthi Kov, our group working on Until the Day Break, met today in The Melting Pot Cafe at Krowji. This is the most delightful environment full of quirky beauty. Here is one of the lampshades which I love, based as it is on all things haberdashery!

The new owners have recently introduced a fish tank with some beautiful, rather fast moving, goldfish.


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Rainbow, Memorial and Sparkler

I just caught a rainbow over the rooftops this morning. 

We went looking for the gravestone today and found it.(See yesterday’s post)

We have just returned from a delightful bonfire party with lots of lovely neighbours.

November 5th was my lovely Mum’s birthday. As a little girl she thought that everyone was celebrating her birthday with fireworks and, of course, I think of her especially on this day, though truth to be told, I think about her most days.

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Buttonhole Scissors, Tractor and Gravestones

I keep Mum’s buttonhole scissors in my sewing kit but have never used them for their proper purpose. The second photo shows how they cut just the buttonhole.

At Pilates this morning we were all watching the lovely old Tractor, a Massey Ferguson, being used to load wood for tomorrow night’s bonfire in Chacewater.

Our poster asking for local stories from St Euny graveyard has brought me a tempting family saga via Facebook so we have been down to the graveyard today to search out the ‘massive granite cross’ raised to the memory of my correspondent’s Great Grandmother. We haven’t yet found it but did come across a couple of stones we hadn’t noticed before (not surprising really – there are hundreds of stones from 1700 onwards!) These stones are to a Father and his two year old son and are, like many others, telling a touching story – yet another that I want to research more fully.


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Leaf Ghosts, A New Hat and Singing

We collected leaves yesterday when we were in Trelissick and today we have made them into ghosts to decorate for Hallowe’en.

Over the last couple of days I have made a new hat for Live Wire T from a kit I just couldn’t leave in the shop.

Tonight we went singing in the rain to try out our voices in the graveyard at St Euny for our project. It was brilliant – a wonderful crew not dismayed by the weather, lovely singing and amazing acoustics. I found it really moving.


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Frame

We were in St Euny Graveyard this morning doing a bit more research for our Perthi Kov Project when I remembered this week’s challenge and saw an opportunity to frame Carn Brea Castle and the Basset Monument atop Carn Brea through the holes in a memorial shaped as a Cornish Cross.

Carn Brea Castle and The Basset Monument

Carn Brea Castle and The Basset Monument

Lucy Ann Whitley

I’ll tell you more about the project, Perthi Kov, which  means remember in Cornish, at a later date.

For others in this week’s challenge, click here.


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