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Guest blogger again!

Hi, It’s LiveWire 3 again! This time we arrived spontaneously because we love coming here and take every chance we get to come to Cornwall and see our family! Today we had a magical beach trip to Kynance Cove which was unimaginably beautiful. It was like being in Spain or Italy! The water was bluer than sapphire, it was like a matching outfit, the sky as a shirt, the sea as trousers. It was absolutely idyllic!


In the evening, we traveled up the ferny hill to a castle, but not just any castle, a restaurant! The castle floated over some massive rocks and it felt like we were royals in the 16th century! We walked up the stairs and sat down, surrounded by stones and sunshine. It was so cosy – especially with the candles! Our food was so delicious and I don’t think the plates even needed to be cleaned after we’d finished!


We watched the sunset through the windows and as we left everything was orange so we stood behind those massive rocks and just immersed ourselves in the sunlight.



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Strawberry Moon, Trough and My Mum

Last night’s almost full Strawberry moon had a halo around it and just about lit up the houses on the hill in silhouette.

Our trough full of edible plants is looking good. There are various lettuces, chives and garlic chives, Spring onions and Viola flowers to decorate salads and cakes.

It’s 30 years today since my lovely Mum died. This is my favourite photo of us together at one of the celebrations for her and Dad’s Golden wedding anniversary. This was taken in Carn Brea Castle as we were waiting to go into the dining room for dinner.  The second photo is of her with her Mum.



Carn Brea, Blue and White

Lovely view from town of Carn Brea castle and the Bassett Monument……

It’s Iris season and we have some beauties.


Fabric, Raindrop and Venus

Among the fabric I collected yesterday to make veggie bags for Community Roots was a long strip of beautifully embroidered linen. I’m using it for the gusset of the bag and it’s gorgeous!

I love how raindrops collect at the end of the little blooms of Muscari.

Tonight there is a delicate crescent moon shining below Venus. Somewhere below the moon is Jupiter but it’s hidden behind the branches of the tree. The edge of sunset can be seen over Carn Brea.



Bird Watching, Sunset and A Poem

Most feeders were empty this morning so the Goldfinches weren’t visiting. This seemed to make the Great Tits braver and three took it in turns to come for peanuts.

Walking up from the allotment this evening, the sun was setting behind Carn Brea.

Carn Brea Castle and the Bassett Monument

I found this poem very moving.


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Lowering Sky, Eccles Cakes and A Poem

Our walk was short and brisk dodging hailstorms. The sky over Carn Brea was threatening of more to come.

The lovely Mr S is very fond of Eccles Cakes as was my Dad, a Lancashire man. Dad liked them with a hunk of Lancashire cheese. I have never made them before and am delighted with today’s efforts!

While I was baking, I was listening to Poetry Please on BBC radio 4. The final poem by Murray Lachlan Young, ‘Negative Thoughts’ feels just perfect for these times as many people are struggling with their mental health.  As the poet says, this poem  is  “An antidote to allowing things to spiral in the wrong direction.” The whole programme is worth listening to but you can find the poem  at about 27 minutes using the link above. I found it very useful.

Murray Lachlan Young



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Wheal Uny, Birds and Carn Brea

Such a bright cold day for our walk, such a beautiful blue sky and a warm sun on our backs despite our faces being very cold!

Wheal Uny

Birds on the tower

Across the valley, people scrambling up the rocks on Carn Brea



Daffodils, Castle and Santa

We were delighted to see Daffodils in bud on a verge on our walk today.

We had sunshine every now and then today and I caught Carn Brea, the Castle and the Monument in a bit of it.

On the way home we spotted a Santa whose rope ladder seemed to have run out as he looks down rather despondently contemplating jumping off the bottom…….

Our lovely neighbour is safely out of self-isolation as her contact’s test has come back negative. Relief all around.


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Lichen, Castle and Squirrel Food

On our walk after the rain, I found some lichen floating in a puddle.

The Castle on Carn Brea which was once a hunting lodge was first built around 1379 AD as a chapel to St. Michael.  Around 1790 the building was converted into a folly by the Basset Family who once owned the hill as part of their Tehidy Estate. It is now (and has been for many years) a  charming restaurant serving Middle Eastern food.

Carn Brea Castle

We have a visiting squirrel that eats the bird food. We put up a baffle to keep him off but somehow he still gets up to the bird feeders. The solution seemed to be to give him his own feeding station so here it is. We have yet to see him getting his peanuts…..  It’s been up only a week.



Magic, New Cake and Another Sunset Walk

I read a recipe at the weekend that sounded utterly sublime and so I made it today. It tastes as good as I thought it would. It is one of Thomasina Miers’, called Raspberry Meringue Sponge Cake. Her introduction says, “It’s a stunner….  Bake it this weekend and share slices with neighbours,…. Happy cooking.” and we did, with Sue-next-door..

Our sunset walk was lovely this evening, past our favourite old Oak Tree and up the hill for views of Carn Brea and the sea.


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