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Flags, St Mawes and A Lighthouse

It has been the night of the choir’s boat trip. We hire a leisure boat, take food to share and have that on the way from Falmouth to St Mawes where we get off and busk a while  collecting for our two charities, ShelterBox and the local Food Bank.  On the way home, as the sun is setting, we sing all the way back to Falmouth – a wonderfully happy evening made all the better because LiveWire 3 is with us and joined in all the singing.  Just a few pictures as I spent all evening singing!

Flags over the pier where we boarded the boat.

Bread buns made by LiveWire 3 and me this morning. WE also made the Oat and Date Slice but forgot to take a photo.

What a wonderful spread!

St Mawes from the water as we were leaving, singing Goodbye Sweetheart!

St Anthony Lighthouse, seen on the way home across the water


Delivery Day, Angels and Snoods

Today I took all the baby hats to the wool shop and was delighted to hear that the Midwife from Treliske Hospital will be collecting all the little hats at the end of the week. We also delivered our two goody packed boxes to one of the Cornwall Christmas box collection points. The idea is to fill them with food for a family for Christmas dinner plus some treats.

Ready for delivery

I hung some angels today and loved that they seem to be flying. Thanks, A!

Paper angels

When we were in Truro on Saturday, I took two snoods hoping to find the two Big Issue people that we buy from and talk to. They were both delighted to be given a Christmas present – one will be kept by S; the other is to be passed on to someone who needs it more………..

Warm hand-made snoods


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Good Karma, Mince Pies and Marmalade

1    “If you want to change the world, first you have to change yourself. In fact, just change your heart and it will change the world. Start now, start this second to do good deeds. From the moment you create good deeds your good karma will stay with you.” Sri Sakthi Narayani Amma…

I read this today on a blog about India whose writer had found mybeautfulthings.  It made me think about this morning when we visited the Food Bank in Redruth. The beautiful people there are giving up their time to distribute the donated food to those in need. It is certainly not a beautiful thing that this is necessary.  It makes me very sad to know of so many in such dire straits and I despair of our Government cutting welfare and making life even harder for many whose life is already hard.

2   The first mince pies are made and the house is full of the smells of Christmas.

First mince pies of 2012

First mince pies of 2012

Marmalade dated 12-12-12

3   It is also full of orangey smells as I have made another batch of marmalade with oranges which were taking up space in the freezer, space I’m going to be needing for the other Christmas food which I am lucky enough to be able to  prepare. I’ve dated them with yesterday’s delightful date as that’s when I started the oranges simmering. Yesterday was also my much loved Sister-in-law’s birthday so we will be reminded of her every time we open a new jar. I like that!


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