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View, Weaving and Cake

I arrived at the venue for the Humanist Baby Naming I was conducting this afternoon and what a view! The wind dropped, the rain held off and we had the most joyous ceremony you can imagine.

Across the Carrick Roads

Friends and family were asked to write their wishes for the little boy’s future on coloured strips of linen. They will be woven to make the body of the sailing boat which is made up of cream linen strips on which friends and family wrote wishes for the lovely young parents when they were married. What a beautiful idea!

Linen wish weaving

Also saved from their wedding six years ago, in the traditional manner, was the top tier of their Wedding cake decorated by the bride, to which their little boy, who will be one year old on Monday, has been added.

Wedding Cake


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Cosmos, Lupins and A Poem

We have said goodbye to a friend today, a Humanist and a Socialist. We each took a red rose to put on his coffin and it was very beautiful . We listened to John Lennon’s Imagine and to an anti-fascist song, one which I sing with my choir, Bella Ciao, amongst the memories and life stories and it was all very moving.

Our white garden is very pleasing. White Cosmos in one border and the Lupins in another.

White Cosmos

White Lupin Spires, just standing there

I love the poetry of Seamus Heaney and this one is another delight.

Lupins – Seamus Heaney

They stood. And stood for something. Just by standing.
In waiting. Unavailable. But there
For sure. Sure and unbending.
Rose-fingered dawn’s and navy midnight’s flower.

Seed packets to begin with, pink and azure,
Sifting lightness and small jittery promise:
Lupin spires, erotics of the future,
Lip-brush of the blue and earth’s deep purchase.

O pastel turrets, pods and tapering stalks
That stood their ground for all our summer wending
And even when they blanched would never balk.
And none of this surpassed our understanding.


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Strawberry Moon and Happy Day 

Yesterday’s moon was a special full moon as it fell on the Summer Solstice and this only happens every 40 some years, the last time being in 1967, the summer of love. It is called a Strawberry Moon as the date heralds the start of the strawberry season. It is sometimes called a Honey Moon.

Today is  Happy World Humanist Day. Have a happy day, each of my lovely readers.



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Taoist Proverb, Humanism and Kindness Poem

Thank you Deborah for this

What a wonderful proverb!

Dan Snow is a Humanist as am I.

What lovely images are conjured up by this poem and how lovely the metaphor is. Let’s always be ready to help others pick up their spilled crayons.




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