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Robin, Eden Project and Snow!

What a day! I drove up to the Eden Project to meet Daughter No 3 and LiveWire No 4 and we had a splendid day with the rain falling heavily outside while we explored the Biomes. As we went in for lunch, a Robin appeared to say Hello!

Friendly Robin

Join us having fun by clicking on the photos in the gallery.

As we were leaving the rain turned to sleet and before we had reached the shop, it was a full blown blizzard and in no time at all were were covered. We were in different car-parks and agreed to meet at home but when I tried to leave the cars in front were slipping and sliding and it became clear that none of us were going anywhere. The lovely staff called us to go back to the cafe where they would find us coffees so off we went – but L wasn’t there. In her 4×4 she had managed to leave the site only to realise that I was stuck (longer story!) and she came back for me. Thirty or forty others are spending the night at Eden while we are safely home, the journey of 50 mins taking us more than 2 hours! On that hazardous drive we saw many abandoned cars and vans and came across a old man hitching as he too had left his car on the side of the road. We have him a lift to his junction, a few miles, and very close to his home and he was very grateful indeed.

As the snow started

Being driven home


Sea Urchin, Celandine and Lichen

I spent a while trying to catch rainbows thrown across the sun room by the solar powered rainbow maker. I love how the colours  lit up the little sea urchin shell as the rainbows dashed around the room. They were hard to catch.  It pleases me too that there is a face to be seen in the fragile little shell that takes up one small section of the print tray where I display little treasures.

Catching a rainbow

My walk down the lane today was lit by some tiny Celandine flowers which caught the sunshine.


Lichen grows where the air is clean….. I love these colours.

Lichen and moss



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Raindrops, Clouds and A Buzzard

The raindrops on the bird feeder caught the light and my eye from the kitchen from where I took the photo as the rain was very heavy this morning.

Diamonds in the sunbeams

We had snow for two minutes this afternoon and then the sun came out briefly and turned some clouds a beautiful peachy colour.

Peachy cloud

There was a Buzzard in the field behind us this afternoon, busy tearing something up and then hopping into the air and landing again to appear to be digging. We think there must have been field mice in the area. I took many photos, all on a long zoom and all a bit fuzzy. Here it has just landed after one of its hops.

Buzzard in the field behind our garden


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A Star, A Bow and A Pink Campion

Every day I am working on my glass, trying to get the cutting right, the foiling even, to make smooth beading with the solder and each day I am making some progress. Today I made a small present of a shooting star for a dear friend whose birthday was a couple of days ago.

Shooting star

On my very short walk today I came across a pretty bow lost by a child, I’m thinking on a walk to or from school. Some kind person had put the bow up on the hedge so I hope that on her way to school tomorrow, she spots it and can reclaim it.


On my stroll down Lovers’ Lane, I saw just one Pink Campion.

Pink Campion


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Big Garden Birdwatch

This weekend is the Big Garden Birdwatch where people all over the country spend an hour watching the birds in their garden or in a nearby park over three days 26-28th January.  We then count the maximum number of each species seen at any one time. It was extremely windy today and we didn’t see as many birds as usual so I will find some time tomorrow and send the better count in. We did see  some Chaffinches sitting on the Kalette plants, one Robin ground feeding, and 11 Goldfinches all at once at the feeders!

Female Chaffinch

Two Female Chaffinches

Robin picking up seeds that have fallen from the feeders






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Six on Saturday – Not My Garden!

I visited Trelissick Gardens this week for a walk around one of our favourite stomping grounds. I had hoped to find some early Daffodils but they aren’t ready to bloom just yet. There were, however, Snowdrops, Camellias, Magnolias and Azaleas in all their glory. Come for a walk with me……..

1. The Main Lawn

The main lawn

2. Magnolia

3.  Snowdrops – I wish I knew which ones these lovely tall ones are. Ours flower when they are barely out of the ground! Perhaps one of my lovely readers can help.

Tall Snowdrops

4.  Beautiful Hellebore


5.  Rhododendron or Azalea?

6.  The Tower at Trelissick Gardens, a National Trust property. 

The Tower at Trelissick

To see more Sixes on Saturday, visit The Propagator and follow the links in the comments. You’ll find treasures from all over the world!


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Wise Words and Smiles

We haven’t been out today so I have raided my store of ‘found things which have made me smile’. Hope they do the same for you:

For my gardening friends:

Happy is he or she………

Trying to live by this wisdom:

Tibetan proverb

I love the imagination in this:

I love this



View, Primrose and Sarcococca

The view over the Carrick Roads from Trelissick is one of our all time favourites even on a grey day.

View over the Carrick Roads

Spring flowers are emerging in ones and twos.

Single Primrose

As I walked around the paths there was the most delicious scent and I tracked it down to the tiny blossoms on the evergreen Sarcococca. We tried to grow this once having smelled its glorious perfume in the garden of friends in Ruthin, Wales but it died and we don’t know why.




Daffodils, Squirrel and Tree Trunk

After lunch with a good friend at the cafe at Trelissick, I went for a stomp around the gardens. En route to meet S, driving towards Perranwell, I just had to pull over to get this glorious yellow display at the junction.

Daffodils at the junction

I watched this squirrel for quite some time as he darted across the grass and the path and back again. Here he has just come down from spiralling up the post, too quickly to catch on camera.


What rich colours in this fallen trunk!

Rotting tree trunk



Wild Waves, Gull Rock and Late Sun

For one reason or another, we haven’t been to the ocean for 13 days! I was developing withdrawal symptoms so off we went to our nearest on the North Coast, Portreath.  It’s one of the best when the sea is rough and the tide is coming in as it was today.

Portreath harbour

Portreath harbour

We couldn’t get right out to the last wall as the waves were crashing over the wall and we would have been soaked so my photo of Gull Rock is from a distance.

Gull Rock, Portreath

It was nearly sunset as we were leaving and there was a glow coming over the cliff.

Last sun over the hill