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Narcissi, More Little Jewels and A Finger Plate

I passed by a bank of Narcissi this afternoon and they made me smile.


Choir friends brought me some more  bits of jewellery for my glass work. I am going to have so much fun with all these little treasures!

Gifts from Anne and Jan – thank you both

Visiting friends this evening, I was very taken by the beautiful finger plate on their sitting room door. It is Newlyn copper and is very special. Apparently, when there were not enough fish to be caught or the weather was too bad to go out fishing, the fishermen were taught to work with copper, making small pieces for domestic use. This piece is really lovely with its fish and seaweed in the design.

Finger plate

You may find this page interesting explaining more about Newlyn copper.



A Gift, A Ghost and Today’s Work

At our last choir two lovely people gave me some bits of jewellery  to add to my glass work.

Beautiful bits from Lisa and Helen

This ghostly apparition delighted me this morning, especially when the rainbows passed over it.

Our sunshine ghost

I cut the glass for this one a few days ago but didn’t have all the right additions until Monday evening. I have worked on it all afternoon and am pleased with the final result though the photo looks gold and it isn’t! It’s silver!

Today’s work, incorporating the two little turquoise earrings, top left in above photo, and a piece of sea-glass


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Spring Colour, Snowflake and Another Vegan Supper

The garden is looking very pretty as Spring arrives.

Crocuses and Muscari

The Spring Snowflakes, like very tall Snowdrops are beginning to flower already.

Leucojum vernum (Spring Snowflake)

I tried another new recipe tonight and it was as delicious as it was colourful. Meera Sodha writes in the food supplement, Feast, which comes each Saturday with The Guardian

Egyptian rice and lentils, tomato sauce and onions



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Hellebore, Camellia and An Outside Broadcast

A very quiet day today so a couple of flowers from yesterday’s visit to the garden centre and a video from a poet whose work I have been sharing with you recently – Kim Ridgeon. I love his style.



Do click on the link and enjoy Kim’s Outside Broadcast.



Magnolia, St George and Supper

The Magnolias at the garden centre were beautifully in flower

I always enjoy seeing St George and the Dragon in the car park. He is carved from an old tree trunk.

St George and the Dragon

I read the recipe for tonight’s supper in this morning’s paper. We had all the ingredients and it was as colourful and scrumptious as it sounded.

Preparing for Leek and Tomato Crumble, Nigel Slater’s recipe




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Six on Saturday – My Suffragette Garden

Several years ago we planted a small border with a colour scheme of purple, white and green dedicated to my Great Granny who was a Suffragette, was imprisoned in Holloway, went on hunger strike  and was force fed. In the family but not in my possession, we have the Holloway brooch designed by Sylvia Pankhurst and given to all those incredibly brave women who fought for our right to vote.  To honour her, we have our Suffragette Garden.

1.  This was the garden two years ago in Spring, a bit later than now.


2.  Now it is looking tired with just a few individual splashes of colour and it needs renovation. This is my main project for the moment. We want colour all year round. We have Clematis, one white and one purple for later in the year. We have Japanese Anemones and we had Tibouchina Urvilleana but it isn’t looking very well. I’m thinking of a couple of small Hebes, one white and one purple. If anyone has suggestions to help, especially plants that won’t demand too much attention, I’m all ears. The white Narcissi at the road end that were once lovely have almost all come up blind for the second year…..

Not enough colour, lots of clearing  work to be done

3.  There are pops of colour to be seen but fewer Crocuses than two years ago. The birds up-rooted lots of them.


4.  Only one Hyacinth is showing and that one a bit thin.

Lonely Hyacinth and much weeding to be done

5.  The Clematis is showing lots of growth and rather early so we hope there is no cold spell coming to knock it back, fairly unlikely here in Cornwall but by no means impossible.

Clematis growing well

6.   And just to show you – The Holloway Brooch, on which we base our colour scheme.


Pop over to The Propagator’s blog to see more contributions to Six on Saturday from gardeners all over the world which are fascinating to read.




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Vegan Soup, Crocuses and Activism

Yesterday I was given a recipe for a delicious sounding soup, Thai Spiced Squash Soup, and I have made it today. You can find the recipe here if you would like to try it. It is absolutely scrumptious!

The Crocuses are beautiful.

Two purple ones losing their petals

Banksy on activism and resilience



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Glass, Reading and Love

I put out a call at my choirs for bits of jewellery that were no longer wanted and last week one of my Suitcase friends brought me in some earrings. I’ve been working on a piece that would suit them and finished it yesterday in time to take it to show W at singing this morning. Thank you W for your beautiful contribution to my work.

W’s earrings on my glass

W’s earrings on my glass, held at the window. Tide’s out.

I loved this when I found it. Reading is such an adventure for us all!


It was Valentine’s Day a week ago but these words are timeless.



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Full Moon, A Wall and A Poem

Th full moon last night, a Super Moon, was magnificent! It had a gorgeous corona around it.

Super Moon

This wall amused me today, glass bottle bottoms and old bottles. Further along was a beaker. Reminds me a little of my Boody Garden.

Wall with trinkets

Here is another of Kim Ridgeon’s poems. I love his work.

Beneath All This by Kim Ridgeon


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A Gift, New Glass and Waves

To my delight a small parcel arrived this morning. I knew what was going to be inside as one of my Dear Readers had very kindly offered to send me some sea-glass and here it was! The colours are so delicate – whites, greens, some blues and a precious bit of red and another of turquoise. The darker colours are shades of green when held up to the light.

Sea Glass from Seaham Beach

I set to straightaway to make a new piece of my stained glass project adding the sea glass as well as up-cycling some jewellery that I had found in a charity shop. It needs some refining but here it is. Huge thanks to Judith and her thoughtful generosity.

Today’s work on white paper

Today’s work, hanging

It’s a full moon tonight and high tide was about 5pm so we went to see the waves at Portreath, always at their best at full moon. They were magnificent!

Wave higher than the Pepper Pot at Portreath


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