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Sea Urchin, Celandine and Lichen

I spent a while trying to catch rainbows thrown across the sun room by the solar powered rainbow maker. I love how the colours  lit up the little sea urchin shell as the rainbows dashed around the room. They were hard to catch.  It pleases me too that there is a face to be seen in the fragile little shell that takes up one small section of the print tray where I display little treasures.

Catching a rainbow

My walk down the lane today was lit by some tiny Celandine flowers which caught the sunshine.


Lichen grows where the air is clean….. I love these colours.

Lichen and moss



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Baby Snail, Print Tray and Singing

After I had finished washing the spinach, kindly given to us by Sue-next-door from her allotment, and was preparing to cook it, I noticed a tiny snail in the kitchen sink. He was moving at a fair old rate but I caught him on camera before he was taken outside! His shell was no bigger than my little fingernail.

Tiny snail

My beautiful Mum used to collect thimbles and many of her collection of 500 were housed in old print trays. For some reason I cannot quite fathom, I have never wanted to have these on display and they have languished, wrapped up and away, since my Dad died in 2004, fifteen years after my Mum. However, I have been collecting little treasures for many years with a mind to displaying them in said print trays. Yesterday I  lifted them all down and what a wave of nostalgia!  The lovely Mr S has put the print tray on the wall for me and I will show you the contents and give you the histories of the little things bit by bit.

Old print tray

Old print tray

I cannot tell you often enough how good it is to sing in harmony with others! Tonight, with Claire and The Ingleheart Singers we were learning a new carol, Jesus Christ the Apple Tree,  and it is fabulous – six harmonies on some verses! This link will give you a taste but I hope to be able to give you us singing it in due course.



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