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Big Garden Birdwatch

This weekend is the Big Garden Birdwatch where people all over the country spend an hour watching the birds in their garden or in a nearby park over three days 26-28th January.  We then count the maximum number of each species seen at any one time. It was extremely windy today and we didn’t see as many birds as usual so I will find some time tomorrow and send the better count in. We did see  some Chaffinches sitting on the Kalette plants, one Robin ground feeding, and 11 Goldfinches all at once at the feeders!

Female Chaffinch

Two Female Chaffinches

Robin picking up seeds that have fallen from the feeders






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Garden Birds in Cold Cornwall

A bitter Easterly wind is battering us all again with snow already up-country and coming our way, in the far South West,  tomorrow. The bird feeders have been very busy as if the birds know what’s coming and are stockpiling the food. We had to refill a second time today.

There were Goldfinches, Greenfinches, Blue Tits and Great Tits, Sparrows, Dunnocks and Pigeons, Blackbirds and Rooks as well as the ones I managed to catch on camera, shown below. It’s a pity it wasn’t the RSPB Great Bird Watch today!

Baby Bullfinch, all fluffed up against the cold


Male Chaffinch

Robin coming for the meal-worms


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Misty Walk Amid Beauty

Now and then the sun crept out through the mist which lay in the valleys on our way to Trelissick and covered the water completely as we started our stroll. Join us on this beautiful walk and imagine the peace. Click on any photo for the caption and an enlargement.

This post is for S, whose birthday is today and for V whose birthday is tomorrow because both of them love this place and are both too far away.


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Bird Watching, Visitors and Singing

1. I sat in the sun room this morning watching the garden birds coming in to feed, nothing unusual but a simple delight nonetheless .



2. Friends whom I have known since we were children came to call this morning and how lovely it was to catch up.
3. Such a lovely phone call this evening – from my other choir, The Inglehearts – singing down the phone to me and sending their love. Thank you all so much. It shouldn’t be too long before I can join you all for part of the session.


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Pied Wagtail, Seals and A Robin

All today’s beautiful things come from our walk around Godrevy this morning, at first in bright sunshine and then in grey clould, hence the difference in the colour of the water!  Join us on our walk and click on any photo for more detail. It was the first time we had seen seals frolicking in the waters before the island is reached. The usual crowd were on their beach on the far side.


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Swimming, Gorse and Robin

1   Swimming in the sea in January! Not us but a woman and a dog! We watched them from the Gylly Cafe as we were indoors having a lovely lunch.

2    A short walk along the coast from Gyllyngvase to Swanpool and a surprising number of flowers including this gorse and a web, all covered in mist-droplets. Click on any photo to see the detail.

3   A Robin has been investigating the pastry bird-seed cake which I put out yesterday.


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Update, Garden Colour and Mocha Crispies

1  I’ve updated my About Me page today. That was a pleasing job done.

2  Our first yellow crocuses have appeared and next-door’s Camellias are just gorgeous and hanging over the wall into our garden.

3  Mocha Crispies all made (Mum’s recipe which I found in one of her handwritten books last  December 15th.) I’ve made mocha cream for half of them and coffee cream for the others as Sue, from choir, who enjoys my baking, can’t eat chocolate and I’ll be taking her some on Thursday when we meet to sing at Miss Peapod’s.

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