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Six on Saturday – Not My Garden!

I visited Trelissick Gardens this week for a walk around one of our favourite stomping grounds. I had hoped to find some early Daffodils but they aren’t ready to bloom just yet. There were, however, Snowdrops, Camellias, Magnolias and Azaleas in all their glory. Come for a walk with me……..

1. The Main Lawn

The main lawn

2. Magnolia

3.  Snowdrops – I wish I knew which ones these lovely tall ones are. Ours flower when they are barely out of the ground! Perhaps one of my lovely readers can help.

Tall Snowdrops

4.  Beautiful Hellebore


5.  Rhododendron or Azalea?

6.  The Tower at Trelissick Gardens, a National Trust property. 

The Tower at Trelissick

To see more Sixes on Saturday, visit The Propagator and follow the links in the comments. You’ll find treasures from all over the world!


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Misty Walk Amid Beauty

Now and then the sun crept out through the mist which lay in the valleys on our way to Trelissick and covered the water completely as we started our stroll. Join us on this beautiful walk and imagine the peace. Click on any photo for the caption and an enlargement.

This post is for S, whose birthday is today and for V whose birthday is tomorrow because both of them love this place and are both too far away.


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Sheep, Camellia and Dana Gioia

In the furniture shop in our town there is a draught stopper that I have fallen for!



Opposite where I park for the wool shop was this amazing Camellia.  Of course, I have some new yarn!



I’ve found another poem for you in one of my new books. Dana Gioia is another poet new to me. Perhaps if I were American, a Californian even, I would have met his works before.  I am having lots of fun reading my two new books packed full with poems to make one laugh, cry, gasp and recognise – certainly to make one think. But it is much more than fun as I ‘meet’ new writers.
Dana Gioia speaks to me through his poems and through this interview on the importance of reading. His linking of reading with activism stirs me!  I would have loved to have been in his classes.  I also learned that he is Poet Laureate for California. As Michelangelo said,’I am still learning.’ (Clip from the interview and apt!)

Nothing is Lost

Nothing is lost. Nothing is so small
that it does not return.
that as a child on a day like this
you held a newly minted coin and had
the choice of spending it in any way
you wished.
Today the coin comes back to you,
the date rubbed out, the ancient mottoes vague,
the portrait covered up with the dull shellac
of anything used up, passed on, disposed of
with something else in view, and always worth
a little less each time.
Now it returns,
and you will think it unimportant, lose
it in your pocket change as one more thing
that’s not worth counting, not worth singling out.
That is the mistake you must avoid today.
You sent it on a journey to yourself.
Now hold it in your hand. Accept it as
the little you have earned today.
And realise
that you must choose again but over less.

Dana Gioia


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A Walk Around Trelissick Gardens

Another crisp and beautifully blue day so we went to Trelissick. Come with us on our lovely walk, not that far but delightful nevertheless, spotting Snowdrops, Camellias, statues and sparkles on the sea. I managed quite a long walk, albeit with both crutches and I maintained a good rhythm. Click on any photo for detail and the caption.


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Camellia, Glass Baubles and Swans

1   In Penryn today I was delighted to spot several Camellia flowers despite the fierce wind and rain.



Camellia bud

Camellia bud

2   There is a delightful glass gallery in Penryn and there I found this lovely display of baubles, some for Spring and some  for Valentine’s Day – all gorgeous and made by Malcolm Sutcliffe.

Beautiful glass

Beautiful glass

3   There were swans on the river but they were keeping their heads down.

Feeding swans

Swans feeding

I’m posting early today as I’m off to a Cabaret Party!


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Camellia, Grandbaby B and Nest Box

1. We had given up on our white Camellia flowering this year, its first season with us and then, this morning, I noticed this beautiful blossom, in May rather than February – but it is as cold as February so maybe it has been fooled!


2. Grandbaby B has a new bouncing cradle where she is happy to lie and watch what’s going on. She is also beginning to smile and found a musical toy pleased her greatly.


3. We’ve been watching the Great Tit going in and out of the nest box just outside the window. L says there are six baby birds in there so no wonder he’s so busy. I was delighted to catch him on camera!



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Continued Brass Trade, Eden Reclamation Yard and Pine Lodge Gardens

Thank you, Peter

1  Yesterday, too late for my post, this lovely message came on Facebook – “My thank you to Sally Smith – I have made this for her as she kindly gave me 2 large sheets of brass. I have called this the Sally Smith Award Trophy – it is made from Mahogany and Brass.” Thank you so much. Peter Airey. It is a beautiful piece.

2  Went to Eden Reclamation yard to find edging tiles for the new terrace being started today. Found none but took some very pleasing photos of reclaimed stuff.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3  On the way home called in at Pine Lodge Gardens to see the snowdrops.

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