Robin, Eden Project and Snow!

31 Jan

What a day! I drove up to the Eden Project to meet Daughter No 3 and LiveWire No 4 and we had a splendid day with the rain falling heavily outside while we explored the Biomes. As we went in for lunch, a Robin appeared to say Hello!

Friendly Robin

Join us having fun by clicking on the photos in the gallery.

As we were leaving the rain turned to sleet and before we had reached the shop, it was a full blown blizzard and in no time at all were were covered. We were in different car-parks and agreed to meet at home but when I tried to leave the cars in front were slipping and sliding and it became clear that none of us were going anywhere. The lovely staff called us to go back to the cafe where they would find us coffees so off we went – but L wasn’t there. In her 4×4 she had managed to leave the site only to realise that I was stuck (longer story!) and she came back for me. Thirty or forty others are spending the night at Eden while we are safely home, the journey of 50 mins taking us more than 2 hours! On that hazardous drive we saw many abandoned cars and vans and came across a old man hitching as he too had left his car on the side of the road. We have him a lift to his junction, a few miles, and very close to his home and he was very grateful indeed.

As the snow started

Being driven home


5 responses to “Robin, Eden Project and Snow!

  1. Arkenaten

    February 1, 2019 at 10:50 pm

    Marvelous photos, Sally.
    I would love to visit the Eden Project the next time I’m back in the UK

  2. Bernice

    February 1, 2019 at 2:01 am

    Glad you made it home safely. For the last few days we have been in the middle of a winter storm with several feet of snow, high winds, white outs, and bitter cold temperatures below zero. I am ready for spring. I did love the picture of the bird!!

  3. jmankowsky

    January 31, 2019 at 10:14 pm

    As a New Englander, I always enjoy pics of your English robins. So cute and sweet looking!

    • mybeautfulthings

      February 3, 2019 at 4:23 pm

      We were surprised to see your Robins – so different! 🙂

  4. utesmile

    January 31, 2019 at 9:57 pm

    Glad you made it home safely!


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