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Pooh Bear, “The Cry of the Tin” and Learning French for Senegal


Pooh Bear

“What day is it,?” asked Pooh.

“It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.

“My favourite day,” said Pooh.”

I love Pooh Bear! And I love the fact that he doesn’t know what day it is! I don’t ask – I just use the day’s Guardian!

2   Thanks to David who sent along emails this afternoon with MP3s of our singing from Sunday evening with the Treggies. ‘The Miners’ Anthem’ is such a haunting and beautiful song. It was written for a production called ‘The Cry of Tin’ which, I discovered is “a powerful 90 minute musical documentary drama telling the story of the rise and fall of mining in Cornwall, focusing on its impact on the people and the land.”

The title comes from when the assayer puts the ingot on a bending machine. As the tin flexes it makes an eerie sound from which he judges its value. They call it the Cry of the Tin.”   I love finding things out!

3   French Conversation was hard today! I did learn new vocabulary and I am getting more confident about speaking to Ami’s family when we are in Senegal!

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Goldfinches, Trek to Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar and The Inglehearts

1  Many goldfinches were here at the Nyger seed today. Where were they yesterday when we were counting?!

2  Lucy arrived home, tired but glowing after her trek-training on Dartmoor. They walked 15 miles along cliffs, rivers and woodland. She has another 10 days before setting off on the Trek to Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar.

3  A couple, whose wedding ceremony I am conducting later this year, came to listen to The Inglehearts’ rehearsal tonight. They like us!

The Ingleheart Singers

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The Big Garden Birdwatch, The Beatles and The Treggies

Long-tail tit family

1 We did the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch today and saw 17 different species and 37 birds in the allocated hour. Our delightful  family of six Long-tail Tits joined us along with the Goldcrest which we saw lots of times but always alone so he could only be counted once.

2  My lovely Sister-in-law from Atlanta sent us an email with the following link to ‘The Beatles: Here Comes The Sun! With a Guitar Solo You’ve Never Heard Before’  Magic! Mr S and I met to this song many years ago so it is special for us and this makes it even more so. Have a listen:

3  Singing with The Treggies tonight was, as usual, a good laugh and a challenge, all the more so when H’s keyboard suddenly had an attack of the Clangers so no-one could find their note. It recovered and so did we. Now we’re all ready for The Countryman Shout next Sunday.

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Trelissick, Raymond Blanc and Skype 28th Jan 2012

1  We went to Trelissick this afternoon, compensation  for missing a Penzance outing this morning as we were helping Lucy get ready for her trek training on Dartmoor.

2  I love this quotation – “I like a chef who smiles out loud when he tastes his own food” and was reminded of it when I heard Raymond Blanc talking on Radio 4 this evening. What a lovely man he is!

3  Skype with KJ and the Grandbabies – always a delight.

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Blue Horizon, Dear Friends and Pumpkin Soup

1  Coming home from my piano lesson and coming over the hill from Lanner into Redruth, the sea in the distance was so blue. For many weeks the horizon has been grey with no visible sea. Today it was glorious.

2  Had a long phone call this afternoon with Charlie, husband of my dearest friend Kath whom we lost to cancer last year (I can’t quite bring myself to say ‘widower’ Why not, I ask myself?)  He, too, is learning the piano but he’s way ahead of me! We had a really good chat about family, music, friends and he says he’s doing okay…..

3  I’ve made a lake of Spiced Pumpkin Soup this afternoon, (thanks to Maggie, for the recipe) – some for tomorrow’s lunch, the rest to freeze away. It is such a beautiful looking soup! It tastes good too!

Pumpkin ready for roasting


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Hailstorm, White Camellias and a Video

1  Driving through Penryn this lunchtime I went through the most amazing hailstorm. In moments the roads were full of the little white balls and only moments later streams were racing down the hills as the hailstones met the relatively warm ground. And then the sun came out!

2  So many Camellia bushes, mostly pink but one white and gorgeous, on the route from here to Penryn and all smothered in blossoms.

White camellia

3  I was sent an email with this short video. It sums up what I, as a Humanist, believe.

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Cheeky Squirrel, Horses and Apple Mincemeat Crumble (and recipe for the scones)

1  We thought we might keep the pigeons and squirrels out by upturning a hanging basket over the bird food and clipping it down but, no!

Squirrel after the bird seed

2  The horses have returned to the field behind our house! I couldn’t take a photo as it has been Cornish misting all day but it’s such a pleasure to have them back.

3  We hardly ever do puddings these days but the weather was so grey and mizzly, comfort food was required. Some mincemeat left over from Christmas, a couple of cooking apples and come oaty crumble mix from the freezer and, in no time, a delicious pud for the eating!

and just for today……

4  I’ve had a couple of people ask for the recipe for the Marmite Scones. Here it is. The recipe says to make 8 but they must be huge! I pat them a bit thinner and make about 20 small ones. Just remembered, I didn’t have any plain yogurt in so I used Vanilla! Your choice. Enjoy!

Marmite and Red Onion Scones

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Network Cornwall, Hyacinths and Marmite ‘n’ Shallot Scones

1  I was thinking this morning about all the happy things I have found, thanks to Network Cornwall. Using the network, I have:

  • found my kind and lovely piano teacher, Glynnis, who has been patiently teaching me for almost a year
  • found our super painter, Veronika, who is on her second job for us
  • been booked for a Baby Naming
  • found our brilliant carpenter Jo, who has made us some unique and lovely shelving
  • booked myself onto a photography class with Helen
  • started French conversation this afternoon with Jackie
  • bought and sold things
  • sought and given advice
  •  given stuff away
  •  made new friends
  • and got some followers for my Blog!       Thank you all!

2  The hyacinths planted before Christmas are in bloom and sending their scent everywhere, even over the top of the paint smell!


3  I made a batch of Dan Lepard’s Marmite and Red Onion Scones this morning ( had no red onions so used two of our home grown shallots)    Delicious buttered and warm straight out of the oven.


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Learning Wolof, Our Czech Painter and Singing with the Inglehearts

1  Last night Daniel gave us our first few phrases of Wolof to learn and we’ve been practising. I particularly like the greeting, ‘Yangui si jam?’ (Are you at peace?) and the reply, ‘Waw, mangui si jam.” (Yes, I am peaceful.) We will need some Wolof as well as French for our trip to Senegal in April.

2  Veronika, our Czech painter (of ColourGirlz) has been here today painting the woodwork in our hall. She is a meticulous worker and is so appreciative of my home baking.  I had made her some of my Mum’s Mocha Crispies.

Mum's Mocha Crispies Recipe

3  Singing with Claire and the Inglehearts has as usual lifted my spirits even when I didn’t realise they had any lifting to do! We sang a beautiful new piece composed by Claire which was moving enough in its initial learning and will be amazing when we have learned it all. I am so happy that we moved where we did so that our lovely neighbours could introduce me to Claire!


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Tibetan Child, Porthtowan and Skype to Senegal

1 My lovely sister, Deborah, in Hawaii sent me this delightful photo of a Tibetan child laughing,designed to make anyone smile.

Laughing Tibetan child

2  Lucy walked for 6 hours today as part of her training for her trek in Nepal. We drove down to Porthtowan and walked a short way with her.

3  We Skyped with Ami, Daniel’s fiance, in Senegal this afternoon. Her English is getting better, I’m doing better with my French and Daniel, online from Barcelona, taught us a bit of Wolof! Since we haven’t met Ami yet, Skype is brilliant for helping us all get to know each other before we really meet in April. We are so looking forward to it and Ami is going to help Lucy and me buy appropriate outfits for the celebrations!


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