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Sunshiney Day, Readers around the World and Birthday Dinner

1  The most glorious sunny Spring day today so we went garden shopping for the new patch at the back, more Spring bulbs, a dark red leaved Berberis that will have white hawthorn-like flowers and then beautiful berries for the birds in the winter, a big piece of trellis. I just love the way rain droplets collect in Lupin leaves!

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2  Wordpress have just added a feature that shows where in the world people are reading your blog. I was quite astounded  to see that my blog has been read in 24 countries over the last 10 days!

3  Our oldest daughter, Mikki, is visiting this weekend to celebrate her birthday with us which is lovely. We haven’t seen her since Christmas.

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The Big Garden Birdwatch, The Beatles and The Treggies

Long-tail tit family

1 We did the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch today and saw 17 different species and 37 birds in the allocated hour. Our delightful  family of six Long-tail Tits joined us along with the Goldcrest which we saw lots of times but always alone so he could only be counted once.

2  My lovely Sister-in-law from Atlanta sent us an email with the following link to ‘The Beatles: Here Comes The Sun! With a Guitar Solo You’ve Never Heard Before’  Magic! Mr S and I met to this song many years ago so it is special for us and this makes it even more so. Have a listen:

3  Singing with The Treggies tonight was, as usual, a good laugh and a challenge, all the more so when H’s keyboard suddenly had an attack of the Clangers so no-one could find their note. It recovered and so did we. Now we’re all ready for The Countryman Shout next Sunday.

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Birdwatching, Pastry and Baklava

1  It’s been a busy day at the bird feeders today. We’ve had a pair of chaffinches, the goldcrest, lots of goldfinches, blue-tits, coal-tits, the longtail tit family and great tits as well as the robins, our blackbird pair and some dunnocks all feasting away.

2  We had some pastry leftover at Christmas and wondered if the birds might like it. We rolled it out and rolled lots of seeds into it. It took them a while to decide that it was okay and today they’ve finished it so I’ve made them a special batch with sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds which they are eating with gusto.

3  I discovered a box of Baklava in the larder that were missed over Christmas. Mr S and I have been the ones enjoying them!


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Being Busy, Biscuits and Birdwatching

1  Having dropped Mr S at Penzance hospital at 8am, I’ve been so busy! The house has never been cleaner! I’ve also baked a batch of cookies which Mr S will now be able to eat!

2  This afternoon we had a family group of Long Tail Tits at the feeder, my favourites, I think.They are really pretty and I love the way they hang out in multi-generational family groups. Funny how the birds turn up when Lucy is here!

3  Mr S is now home and safe. I can relax!

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Flowers in our Garden at Christmas, Bird Watching and Just the Best Neighbours

1  So much colour still and it’s really quite mild.

2  Lucy spotted a Goldcrest at the fat balls on the window feeder – such a beautiful little bird. We were able to watch for quite a long time.

3  Our lovely neighbours have taken in a third batch of washing for us since our machine broke down completely a few days ago, just when we had a houseful including a toddler and a baby! Despite Mr S’s best efforts, it can’t be mended and a new one can’t be delivered until January 3rd. Thanks S!


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Aromatherapy, Blue-tits and Bookshelves

1  Showered this morning with geranium, patchouli and ylang-ylang oil that  reminded me of spa days spent with my lovely Mum years ago.

2  The blue-tits are back feeding again. They’ve been very wary of the new feeder but seem to have decided today that it is okay.There were 4 there at one point.

3  The new shelving is almost ready for its next coat of paint. Mr Smith has been meticulously filling and rubbing down and it’s all looking good!

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Tuesday 8th November

1  Came down early this morning to find a little blue-tit on the window feeder and he didn’t fly off as I arrived.

2  I’ve been rearranging lots of our paintings so that we notice them again. We finally hung our three African embroideries  in the dining room and they look brilliant, changed the feel of the room in some way.

3  Had our lovely neighbours B&S and two  long standing friends, R&R, in for supper –  an evening full of warmth and humour – just the thing. The casserole and the cheesecake were enjoyed by all.


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